Industrial Training Description

Gain Practical Skills and Industry Experience:

Industrial Training is on the job training designed to help acquire technical skill and industry experience on a course program.

If you are interested in the industrial training, please login to the Student Portal to download the industrial training letter upon successful completion of the online training. The Industrial letter will be printed out and submitted to any organization that specializes in the area of your course program in your country for minimum of 4 - 8 weeks freelance work or more (depending on course) and observation on your chosen course for real experience.

Benefits of Industrial Training:-

1. Practical Skill Acquisition

2. Industry Experience

3. Job Opportunity

To Download, Simply Login to the Student Portal and Click the Industrial Training Link

Note: You must be a student of SIIT(TM) to qualify for our industrial training, if you are not yet a student and are interested, you can Apply Here for Student Login .

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