Referral Program Description

Earn Part-Time or Full Time:

We are pleased to inform you of SIITGO(TM) Referral Program. Start earning Full-Time or Part-Time, simply by referring friends, family, co-workers etc to our Training and Certification Program.

You have opportunity to earn from these sources:-

  • Exams/Certification (40% of current fee)
  • To register, Simply Click Here:- .

    Upon registration, you will be sent Referral Account Logins including Referral Link to be given to interested applicants.

    Your referral account will be credited with 40% of current fees as soon as your referred applicants make payment and send payment details to us for confirmation.

    Total Earnings will be credited to the payment information on your referral account at the end of each month, you must update your payment method to receive payments.

    Note: Please be informed that heavy spamming with your referral links on social platforms such as blogs, forums or social media is not allowed, Fair posting is recommended to avoid your link being spam-tagged or blocked.

    For further enquiries, please send email to .

    Happy Earnings.


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