Visual Basic.Net Course And Certification

What Is Visual Basic.NET?

Visual Basic.NET framework which is mostly shortened to as VB.Net is a simple yet modern, object-oriented computer programming language that is developed by Microsoft to merge the power of .NET Framework and the CLR (common language runtime) together with the productivity benefits that are the trademarks of Visual Basic.

VB.NET is an object-oriented software programming language that is executed on top of the .NET Framework. Although it is an evolution of standard Visual Basic language, it is non-backward-compatible with Visual Basic 6 and any other code that is written in the old version can not compile under VB.NET.

Just like all other .NET languages, Visual Basic.NET has complete support for object-oriented programming concepts. Everything in VB.NET is treated as an object, including all of its primitive data types e.g Short, Long, Integer, String, Boolean, etc. and also,user-defined types, events, and even assemblies. All objects in VB.NET inherits from the base class Object.

VB.NET is executed by Microsoft's .NET framework. This Implementation then gives it full access to all the libraries that are present in the .Net Framework. It's also possible to run VB.NET programs on Mono software, which is the open-source alternative to the .NET framework, not only under Windows OS but also on Linux or Mac OSX.

The .Net framework applications are generally multi-platform applications. The .NET framework has been designed in such a way that it can be used from any of the following languages: Visual Basic, C++ C#, Jscript, COBOL, etc. All these languages can directly access the framework as well as communicate with each other.

The .Net framework has an enormous library of codes that are used by other client languages such as VB.Net. These languages make use of the object-oriented methodology.

Features of Visual Basic.NET

1. VB .Net incorporates various features like the in-place menu editor, automatic control anchoring and docking, etc, all of which help web developers to develop web application software easily and faster.

2. The Visual Basic.NET programming language implements automatic formatting of code, a highly intelligent and improved object browser, an XML creator and lots more features.

3. By using the VB.NET Programming Language, web developers can easily develop web applications that have features like event log, file system, performance counters, etc.

4. Since the VB.Net programming language is an object-oriented programming language, web developers can create enterprise-class software using its full object-oriented constructs.

5. Visual Basic.NET programming language provides support for various language features like the implementation of inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, etc

6. Visual Basic .NET presents a visual designer for forms to help web developers develop web forms easily. Besides this, web developers can also use its “drag and drop” feature to drag and reposition elements according to their business requirements and needs.

Benefits Of VB.NET

1. Object-Oriented: All data in VB.Net is primarily considered as an object. From its primitive data types to user-defined data types each and everything in VB.NET is object-based. It easily presents you with all the advantages of any OOP’s based language like Java, Python, C++, etc.

2. Modern and General Purpose: VB.Net is a general-purpose web programming language that has all the features of any modern web development technology incorporated in it.

3. Easy to Learn: Due to it's very easy to understand syntax and easier learning curve, it is easier to learn the VB.NET programming language.

4. Structured Language: VB.Net is a highly structured programming language.

5. Platform Independent: VB.NET is a platform-independent computer programming language therefore, it could be compiled on lots of computers and platforms and can be run on different OS.

6. Large Community Support: Since VB.NET is par is a part of .Net Framework it generally inherits from its large community support.

Career opportunities in Visual Basic.NET

An increasing number of companies are bringing up the need for Visual Basic.NET professionals. If you are in the look for career opportunities that are available in this field, they are large, and some of them are listed below.

1. You get a lot of job opportunities if you study Visual Basic.NET.

2. You can become a Visual Basic.NET Specialist in an organization.

3. After taking this certification course of the Visual Basic.NET module, you can become a Desktop Engineer. 

4. You can become a functional consultant.

5. You can become an application consultant, either freelancing or in an organization.

6. You can become an advisory consultant.

7. You can become a Manager of a business engineering team, whether it's your personal business or an organization

8. You can become a Visual Basic.NET Engineer, after finishing this module and getting certified.

9. You can become a Visual Basic.NET functional consultant for an organization.

10. You can become a team leader in an organization and be responsible for managing a software development team.

11. You can become a Desktop software engineer or a Visual Basic.NET Engineering Trainer.

12. You can become a senior Visual Basic.NET engineer commanding high pay.  

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