What is SAP UI5?

SAP UI5 which is the acronym for SAP User Interface for HTML5 is the frontend development tool that is a part of the SAP system toolkit, which offers various features that the developer can use to further enhance their user experience to develop software applications with very rich user interfaces and user experience for organizational web applications. This course would teach you of the various system architecture, various key concepts, and important features and components of SAP UI5.

SAP UI5 is a collection of various libraries and modules that business web application developers can utilize to develop desktop and mobile applications that run in a browser. By using SAP's SAPUI5 JavaScript toolkit, software developers can develop SAP web applications using HTML5 web development standards.

SAP Fiori, which is the company in line with web-based apps that have a device-agnostic user interface (UI), has all been built with SAP UI5. There is also an open-source version of SAP UI5, known as Open UI5, which is made available on Github.com.

The UI development toolkit for SAPUI5 is a user interface technology that is used to develop and adapt client software applications. The SAP UI5 runtime is a client-side rendering library for HTML5 that comes with a rich set of standard and extension controls and a lightweight programming model. The client-side rendering library offers a rich set of controls. You can extend these library controls as well as create new custom controls.

Features of SAP UI5

SAP UI5 provides many features to allow you to easily build and extend state-of-the-art user interfaces.

1. SAP UI5 offers support for RIA like client-side features that are based on JavaScript.

2. SAP UI5 supports CSS3, which allows you to design and modify the themes to your company's branding in a very effective manner.

3. SAP UI5 is based on an extensibility concept which is based on custom controls.

4. SAP UI5 makes use of the open-source jQuery library as a primary dependency.

5. SAP UI5 fully supports the standards of the SAP products.

6. SAP UI5 complies with OpenAjax and they can be used together with regular JavaScript libraries.

7. SAP UI5 is developed in a code that is released independently to allow for short shipment cycles.

8. SAP UI5 presents various extensibility concepts at the code and application level.

9. SAP UI5 presents you with the ability to create complex UI patterns and already defined layouts for real-life use cases.

10. SAP UI5 uses a Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern and various data binding methods.

11. SAP UI5 has various keyboard interaction support and accessibility features. 

12. SAP UI5 is based on several open standards like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript,

13. SAP UI5 presents you with various theming support based on CSS3.

Benefits and Advantages of SAP UI5

The following are some of the advantages of using SAP UI in business.

1. It helps in increasing productivity in an organization.

2. Increases the user adaption of the software.

3. It brings about Lesser manual errors.

4. It reduces the cost of training.

5. It brings about a very high performance of the SAP system.

SAP UI5 Versions

The following is the comprehensive list of new UI5 versions that have been introduced. Each UI5 Version offers new features and enhancements from the previous versions, platform support, usability enhancements, etc.

1. SAP UI5 1.26

2. SAP UI5 1.28

3. SAP UI5 1.30

4. SAP UI5 1.32

5. SAP UI5 1.34

6. SAP UI5 1.36

7. SAP UI5 1.38 and many more like SAP UI5 1.6

Career Opportunities in SAP UI5

An increasing number of companies are bringing up the need for SAP UI5 professionals. If you are in the look for career opportunities that are available in this field, they are large, and some of them are listed below.

1. You get a lot of job opportunities if you study SAP UI5.

2. You can become an SAP Specialist in any organization.

3. After taking this certification course of the SAP UI5 module, you can become SAP professional. 

4. You can become a Functional Consultant.

5. You can become an Application Consultant, either freelancing or in an organization.

6. You can become an Advisory Consultant.

7. You can become a Manager of a business, whether it's your personal business or an organization

8. You can become an SAP UI5 expert, after finishing this module and getting certified.

9. You can become an SAP UI5 Functional Consultant for an organization.

10. You can become a team leader in any organization.

11. You can become a software engineer or an SAP UI5 Trainer.

12. You can become a senior SAP UI5i professional commanding high pay.  

13. Endless Career Opportunities And Advancement.

14. Entrepreneurial Opportunities And Consultancy.

SAP UI5 Course Outline

SAP UI5 - Introduction

SAP UI5 - Overview

SAP UI5 - Architecture

SAP UI5 - Key Components

SAP UI5 - Control Libraries

SAP UI5 - Development Kit

SAP UI5 - MVC Concept

SAP UI5 - Views

SAP UI5 - Developer Studio

SAP UI5 - Creating a UI5 Project

SAP UI5 - Controls

SAP UI5 - Data binding

SAP UI5 - Design Patterns

SAP UI5 - Modularization

SAP UI5 - Localization

SAP UI5 - Notepad Controls

SAP UI5 - Extending Applications

SAP UI5 - Theming

SAP UI5 - Mobile

SAP UI5 - Video Lectures

SAP UI5 - Exams And Certification

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