Mineral Processing Technology Course And Certification

What is Mineral Processing Technology?

Mineral Processing Technology is the technological processing of Ore Treatment and Mineral Recovery.

Mineral Processing depends on the particle behavior, which varies with its size. Size analysis is of great significance to determine the quality of grind and establish the degree of liberation of valuable minerals between them, as well as from the gangue at various particle sizes.

Sizing is the general expression of the separation of particles. The simplest form of sizing process is screening, which is passing the particles to be sized through a sieve or series of sieves.

What are Minerals?

Minerals are earthly useful inorganic raw materials found in the crust of the earth and as seabed deposits. 

Features Of Mineral Processing

Mineral processing consists of: 

1. Preparation and liberation of the valuable minerals from waste minerals. 

2. Separation: These values into two or more products, called concentrates. The term separation, in this case, is synonymous with concentration.

Benefits Of Mineral Processing

1. Mineral processing protects against the waste of resources, Ore is an aggregate of economically important minerals from which a valuable metallic constituent can be profitably mined and extracted. Most of the rock deposits contain metals or minerals. When the concentration of valuable minerals or metals is too low to justify for mining, it is considered to be a waste or gangue material. Within an Ore body, the valuable minerals are surrounded by gangue minerals. It is necessary to liberate and concentrate those valuable minerals from the bulk mass through a suitable mechanical treatment.

2. Mineral processing leads to less energy consumption, Processed minerals when processed by leaching or smelting 

3. Mineral Processing helps separate impurities if an ore contains more than one valuable mineral objective of mineral processing.

4. Compared to the chemical method of processing physical method consumes less amount of energy.

5. Mineral processing reduces not only reduces the smelters’ energy cost but also the smelters’ metal loss due to less metal bearing slag.

6. Save freight costs since we don't have to transport the rejected materials.

In the Full course, you will learn everything you need to know about Mineral Processing Technology with Certification of Completion to showcase your knowledge.

Mineral Processing Technology Course Outline: 

Mineral Processing Technology - Introduction 

Mineral Processing Technology - Ore handling 

Mineral Processing Technology - Metallurgical accounting, control and simulation 

Mineral Processing Technology - Particle size analysis 

Mineral Processing Technology - Comminution 

Mineral Processing Technology - Crushers

Mineral Processing Technology - Grinding mills 

Mineral Processing Technology - Industrial screening 

Mineral Processing Technology - Classification 

Mineral Processing Technology - Gravity concentration 

Mineral Processing Technology - Dense medium separation (DMS) 

Mineral Processing Technology - Froth flotation

Mineral Processing Technology - Magnetic and electrical separation 

Mineral Processing Technology - Ore sorting 

Mineral Processing Technology - Dewatering 

Mineral Processing Technology - Tailings disposal

Mineral Processing Technology - Video Lectures 

Mineral Processing Technology - Exams and Certification

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