Microsoft CRM Course And Certification

What is Microsoft CRM?

Microsoft CRM is a customer relationship management software product that is developed by Microsoft, whose main focus is on enhancing customer relationships for any business and organization. It is one of the front-facing industry-standard CRM software that is available in the market. This product mainly focuses on Sales, Marketing, and in the Customer Service sector, however, Microsoft has been marketing its Dynamics CRM as a platform on XRM and has been urging partners to use its proprietary (.NET based) framework to modify and customize it.

Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (Microsoft CRM) is a Microsoft software package that is designed and developed to manage a company’s interactions with present and prospective customers. It mostly involves using various technologies to manage, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. CRM can help to reduce business costs and increase the profitability of an organization by planning and automating business processes that sustain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The CRM Solution can be used to push up the sales productivity and the effectiveness of an organization marketing campaigns, manage the complete customer support chain and provide business intelligence, social insights, and a lot of other out-of-the-box functionalities and features.

Features of Microsoft CRM

There are lots of features of Microsoft CRM and some of them are:

1. Contact Management: This feature allows users to split their contacts into different groups to manage, organize and communicate better with them. With this capability of Microsoft CRM, you’ll be able to accumulate crucial customer data and reinforce your marketing strategies when you are introducing new products.

2. Sales Team and Customer Opportunity Management: This feature allows users to find out the customers that are most likely to convert. This helps to streamline the sales/marketing teams, improve efficiency and greatly optimize your sales process.

3. Lead Management for Determining High-Quality Leads: This feature allows a business to find out the best customers to follow up with judging upon demographic and psychographic factors. Like lead scoring, Leed managements greatly improves the efficiency and productivity of your sales team by helping them concentrate on the right leads at the right time.

4. Support Automation: Various customer support features like FAQ ( frequently asked questions) pages, various chatbots and email correspondence are becoming increasingly automated as databases built with AI improve. Microsoft CRM lets you control the output of your customer support features directly from your UI.

5. CRM Data/File Storage: In order to increase the usefulness of data, your data must be properly stored. One of Microsoft CRM's key features is that it provides a proprietary method of data storage so its users can pull up the data in a very efficient manner. Microsoft CRMs also offer safeguards to protect and backup your important business and personal data to prevent losses and security infringements.

Benefits of Microsoft CRM

There are lots of benefits of Microsoft CRM and some of them are:

1. With Microsoft CRM, your staff will start to work more effectively and make better decisions.

2. With Microsoft CRM, your marketing campaigns will improve as Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it easy to set up, manage, run, analyze, and refine campaigns.

3. Having all your communications with your customers stored in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, coupled with its range of tools and its direct integration with Microsoft Outlook you will soon start to improve your communications with your customers and increase general business efficiency.

4. Your customer retention and revenue would greatly increase as your staff can now handle queries more quickly efficiently and professionally.

Career Opportunities in Microsoft CRM

An increasing number of companies are bringing up the need for Microsoft CRM professionals. If you are in the look for career opportunities that are available in this field, they are large, and some of them are listed below.

1. You get a lot of job opportunities if you study Microsoft CRM. 

2. You can become a Microsoft CRM Specialist in an organization. 

3. After taking this certification course of the Microsoft CRM module, you can become a Microsoft suite Technician.

4. You can become a Functional Consultant. 

5. You can become an application Consultant, either freelancing or in an organization. 

6. You can become an Advisory Consultant. 

7. You can become a Manager of a business, whether it's your personal business or an organization. 

8. You can become a Microsoft Suite Engineer after finishing this module and getting certified. 

9. You can become a Microsoft CRM Functional Consultant for an organization. 

10. You can become a team leader in an organization and be responsible for managing a technical team. 

11. You can become a Microsoft CRM Engineering Trainer. 

12. You can become a senior Microsoft CRM engineer commanding high pay. 

13. Job Opportunity and Career Advancement. 

14. Entrepreneurship Opportunity and Consultancy. 

Microsoft CRM Course Outline

Microsoft CRM - Introduction

Microsoft CRM - Overview

Microsoft CRM - Environment

Microsoft CRM - Functional Modules

Microsoft CRM - Entities & Records

Microsoft CRM - Fields

Microsoft CRM - Forms

Microsoft CRM - Searching

Microsoft CRM - Web Resources 

Microsoft CRM - Workflow Processes

Microsoft CRM - Plugins

Microsoft CRM - Plugin Registration

Microsoft CRM - Web Services

Microsoft CRM - Solutions

Microsoft CRM - Exams And Certification

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