Youtube Marketing Course And Certification

What Is Youtube Marketing?

YouTube is a free video-sharing platform where users can view, like, comment, share and upload their own videos. The video platform can be accessed both on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices and phones. Youtube was released in May 2005, YouTube allows billions of people to find, watch, create and share originally-created videos. YouTube presents a means for people to unite, share information, and motivate others across the world and its acts as a marketing and distribution platform for creators of original content and advertisers, both large and small.

YouTube Marketing is an essential strategy to profit from the massive shift of internet users toward video for both internet marketers and online business owners. The huge traffic that is being received by this platform every day and night only confirms the fact that YouTube Marketing is a fast-growing trend and a very powerful means to reach your target audience.

Creating a YouTube account is always free, very quick, and painless. To create a YouTube account for in, just submit some basic information and create a username and password.

YouTube also has a tremendous and very distinct audience of people who happily uses both YouTube’s and Google’s own search engine to find the content that they are looking for. If you’re able to optimize your content for the right keywords, you’ll be able to connect and engage with your audience instantly, instead of just hoping that a Facebook Ad shows up in your customer's feed. This allows them to also find and reach their potential targeted audience.

Features Of Youtube Marketing

There are a lot of features of youtube that make it a great medium for internet marketing and some of them are:

1. Subscriber Notifications: It is nothing new in the fact that billions of viewers view videos on YouTube every day. There is no one that will push away the fact that this video-sharing website has billions of extremely loyal followers that internet marketers can tap into when they are able to use this channel properly. By using the youtube notification feature for subscribers, internet marketers and content creators can let their fans know whenever they have an update of a new video.

2. Easy Access to Subscription Feed: Using the youtube subscription feed, internet marketers and content creators can detect who is watching their video content. YouTube’s subscription feed notification makes the task become even easier by allowing you to quickly have access to feed and update. Coupled up with the youtube subscriber notification feature, this easy-to-use subscription feed of YouTube will help your subscribers stay on top of all your latest content.

3. Video Management On the Go: Since YouTube is all creating and viewing videos, quite naturally they are trying to improve its features and functionalities. The massive rising popularity of smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices not only requires you to publish content for these devices but also makes it compulsory for marketers to be able to create and manage video content on the go. Video management is no exception to this.

4. 360 Degree Videos: This is probably one of the coolest features YouTube has introduced so far. Mariana De Felice, a communication manager at YouTube says that 360-degree feature was actually an experiment to see how far they “can go with the online video experience.” This feature is now available on almost all devices. Using this feature, users can see everything that is happening in a place at a given location.

5. Improved Comments: Comments are a great way to communicate with your audience and get feedback, and hunt for new ideas. Innovations such as comment ranking to lower visibility of comments would enable marketers to get rid of unrelated comments by trolls.

6. Cards:  This is a great way to increase interactions on videos.  You can use them for multiple purposes from promoting other content to raising funds and selling merchandise.

7. Creator Studio App: This app was designed to promote mobile channel management, with the increase in mobile popularity this app would be extremely beneficial for marketers and business owners.

Benefits of Youtube Marketing

Since Humans are more intrigued by what they see, youtube marketing has almost infinite benefits. Youtube Marketing helps you to

1. Get other website owners to embed your videos into the content on their websites making your videos reach more audience.

2. Connect your domain name with your YouTube channel to build your brand

3. Get your videos shared on social media platforms such as Facebook to reach a wider audience

4. Show expertise and demonstrate your product

5. Recreate your content, text or blog posts can be repurposed into animations, video series or animation.

6. Increase Traffic, youtube gives businesses the platform to create videos and advertise your brand with millions of visitors daily.

7. Cross-platform marketing, youtube offers the ability to share videos on different sites thereby increasing business visibility, ranking, and traffic.

8. Google Adwords, with the use of Adwords you can advertise on the videos that your viewers are most likely to watch.

9. Promote events and products, A lot of business post promotional videos, which may be for an upcoming or previous event or a new product launch.

Why Study Youtube Marketing

1. SEO: Increase your knowledge of SEO strategy and tricks, know what words to use to draw attention to your product or content, You can work on tweaking and perfecting your YouTube SEO over time.

2. Gain Insights Into Your Audience: Youtube channel for business gives you access to the analytics tab which contains qualitative insights into your channel and audience behavior,  including your average watch time, revenues generated, view count, and interaction rate across videos.

3. Increase Your Earning Potential: The more visitors and viewers of your content grow, the more money you make.

4. Competitive Analysis: research about your competition, learn from your competitors in order to stay ahead in your niche. Fortunately, the information you need could be found on the channel description.

5. Career Opportunities And Advancement

6. Entrepreneurial Opportunities And Consultancy

Youtube Marketing Course Outline

YouTube Marketing - Introduction

Creating an Account

Create Creative Video

Creating a Channel

Channel Description Box

Setup Channel Background

Channel Branding

Create Video Thumbnails

Create Video Playlists

Video Sharing

Deleting a Video

Hide a Video

Sharing Unlisted and Private Videos

White Hat SEO for Videos

Choosing a Video Title

Add Video Annotation

Promoting a Video

Fan Finder

Handling Comments

Manage Negative Comments

Monetize Your Video

Marketing Tricks

Safety Settings

Videos Admin

Video Transcripts

Video Call Button

YouTube Partner Program

YouTube Marketing - Analytics

Youtube Marketing - Exams And Certification

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