What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is an open-source software development platform for designing and building modern and highly optimized applications platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows with .NET. framework, Xamarin is basically an abstraction layer that manages the communication of shared code with the underlying platform code. Xamarin runs in a managed environment that provides benefits such as garbage collection and memory allocation.

Xamarin allows software developers to share a percentage of over 90% of their applications across multiple platforms. This design pattern allows software developers to write all of their business logic in just one language (or simply reuse their existing application code) yet being able to achieve pure native application performance, looks, and feel on each platform.

Xamarin applications can be written on either a Windows, Linux or Mac PC and are able to compile into native application packages, such as an .apk file for  Android, or an .ipa file on iOS.

With a C#-shared codebase, software developers can use Xamarin tools to design and develop native Android, iOS, and Windows applications that have native user interfaces and also share code over multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Features Of Xamarin

Below are some of the features of Xamarin:

1. Xamarin.iOS: Xamarin.iOS allows us to design and develop applications for IOS while using the same UI controls that are made available for other platform apps, except with the suppleness and beauty of a modern language like C#.

2. Xamarin.Android: Xamarin.Android allows software developers to design and develop Android applications while using the same UI controls, except with the power of the.NET Base Library, flexibility, and two first-class IDEs namely, Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio IDE.

3. Xamarin.Mac: Xamarin.Mac allows software developers to design and develop applications for MAC os in C# and.NET framework while using the same OS X libraries and UI design controls. Because Xamarin.Mac is directly integrated with Xcode, the software developer can use Xcode’s Interface Builder to create an app’s User Interfaces or optionally develop them directly from their C# code.

4. Xamarin Test Cloud: The Xamarin Test Cloud is used for the testing of Xamarin code on various virtual mobile platforms and devices. The Xamarin Test Cloud is simply a cloud-based software solution that provides software developers with various development tools that support automated UI Acceptance Testing of mobile applications across hundreds of different mobile devices. since its cloud-based, the maintenance and performance efforts are removed from the test consumer.

5. HockeyApp: HockeyApp helps you to collect feedback from your users for the app. Xamarin's possible services will also be incorporated into the Microsoft DevOps and enterprise development tools offerings, which provides developers with a comprehensive solution that traverses every phase of the mobile development cycle. We can determine the mixture of the .NET library functionality and the native Mac OS X APIs (application programming interfaces for the ease of the development of any mobile application. 

Benefits Of Xamarin

There are lots of benefits of Xamarin and some of them are:

1. With Xamarin, you spend fewer hours developing software, unlike other platforms.

2. With Xamarin you generate codes that can run on multiple platforms.

3. You can develop a flawless UI with Xamarin.

4. Xamarin is based on C#

5. Xamarin offers supports for many libraries 

6. Effective offline applications

7. Xamarin matches native standards

8. Xamarin comes with an Integrated testing environment

9. Xamarin saves the monetary cost of development.

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