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What Is Web Analytics?

Web Analytics is the study of online and offline patterns and trends. It is a method that you can apply to collect, measure, analyze and report data from your website. Web analytics is commonly carried out to examine the performance of a website and to optimize its web usage.

Web Analytics is also seen as the method and process of studying and analyzing the behavior of visitors that visit a particular web site. The implementation of Web Analytics is said to facilitate a business to attract more visitors/clients, and to retain old customers for goods or services.

We use web analytics to follow up key metrics and analyze the site's visitors’ activity and the flow of traffic to the site. It is a tactical approach to collect web data and generate reports of your site metrics.

Web analytics is mostly used as part of customer relationship management analytics simply known as CRM analytics. This analysis may include determining the possibility that a given client will repurchase a product after having obtained it previously, personalizing the website to customers who visit it frequently, observing the dollar volume of purchases made by each individual customers or by specific groups of customers, while taking note of the geographic regions from which the most and the less number of customers visit the site and purchase specific products and foretelling/predicting which products customers are very and least likely to purchase in the future.

The objective is to promote a particular product to those customers that are most likely to buy them and to determine which products a specific customer is most likely to purchase. This can help to drastically improve the ratio of revenue to marketing costs.

In addition to the aforementioned, Web Analytics may involve tracking the click-through and drill-down behavior of customers that are within the Web site, determining the sites from which customers are mostly referred from, and interacting with browsers to track and analyze online behavior. The output results of Web Analytics are given in the form of tables, graphs, and charts.

Features Of Web Analytics

Below are some of the features of a Web Analytics software:

1. Real-time data updates: A Web Analytics software should show you the real-time flow of traffic (visits) to your website. It would give you a comprehensive and detailed view of your website visitors and the pages that they have visited and the goals that they have triggered.

2. Analytics for Ecommerce: A Web Analytic Software should allow you to understand and improve your online business by providing an Ecommerce analytics feature.

3. Goal Conversion Tracking: A web Analytics software should allow you to track goals and identify whether you are meeting your current business goals and objectives.

4. Event Tracking: A Web Analytics software should be able to measure any activity of users on your websites and apps.

5. Content Tracking: A Web Analytics Software should be able to measure impressions, clicks and Click Through Rate (CTR) of text banners, image banners and any component on your pages.

6. Geolocation: A web Analytics software should be able to locate your visitors and get the precise detection of their country, city, region or organization.

Benefits And Advantages Of Web Analytics

There are many Benefits And Advantages of Web Analytics and some of them are:

1. Web Analytics lets you measure traffic to your web site.

2. Web Analytics shows you, accurate visitors Count.

3. Web Analytics software can Track Bounce Rate in your site.

4. Web Analytics lets you identify Exit Pages.

5. Web Analytics Optimize your Marketing Campaigns

6. Web Analytics Lets you to identify your target market.



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