Telecommunication Switching Systems And Networks - TSSN Course And Certification

What is TSSN?

Telecommunication Switching Systems and Networks - TSSN is simply the control mechanisms available in Telecoms.

Telecommunication is the exchange of communication between two or more individual via telecom applications and devices. 

Switching Systems is the control method used to link calling subscriber and called subscriber together.

The switching system is classified into two which is:

1. Manual and

2. Automatic (Electromechanical and Electronic).

Components of Switching Systems: 

The components of switching systems are as follows: 

Switching Network: this provides switching paths between the calling subscriber and called subscriber.

Control Subsystem: identifying the inlet and outlet lines and interpreting the signaling information received on a particular line. 

Signalling: For Signals.

Trunk Interface: It's used for connections between the Switching Systems.

Subscriber Line Interface: this used for connections between the subscriber and the switching system.

Line Scanning Unit: It senses and obtains the signaling information from the different lines.

Distributor Units: this used for distributing or sending out signaling information on the various lines.

Operator Console: It allows interaction with the switching system for the administrative and maintenance.

Service Circuit Interface: this provides interaction between circuit for the purposes of maintenance and testing.

Junctures: It provides a folded connection for the local subscribers and the service circuits.

In the Full Course, you will have better understanding of  TSSN Telecommunication Switching System and Network, their components and as well as the principles of operations with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge.

TSSN Course Outline:

TSSN - Introduction

TSSN - Switching Systems

TSSN - Elements of a Switching System

TSSN - Strowger Switching System

TSSN - Switching Mechanisms

TSSN - Common Control

TSSN - Touch-tone Dial Telephone

TSSN - Crossbar Switching

TSSN - Crossbar Switch Configurations

TSSN - Crosspoint Technology

TSSN - Stored Program Control

TSSN - Software Architecture

TSSN - Switching Techniques

TSSN - Time Division Switching

TSSN - Telephone Networks

TSSN - Signaling Techniques


TSSN - Exams and Certification

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