What is SOAPUI?

SOAPUI which is the acronym for Simple Object Access Protocol User Interface is a lightweight internet protocol that allows applications to transfer information in a distributed and decentralized,  environment. It is an XML based internet protocol that is made up of three parts which are, an envelope that describes a framework for defining the constituents of a message and how to process it; it is a set of encoding rules used for expressing instances of data types that are defined in the application; and a convention that is used for representing remote procedure calls and responses.

SoapUI is an open-source development tool that is used for both functional and non-functional testing, it is widely used in testing web services. This course will guide the users on how to make use of the tool in WebService and other non-functional testing.

Although SOAPUI can be used in a lot of messaging systems and they can be transferred through a variety of transport protocols, the primary goal of SOAPUI is to allow for a remote procedure calls to be transported through HTTP. Other internet frameworks such as DCOM, CORBA, and Java RMI offer application developers with similar features and functionalities to SOAPUI, but SOAPUI messages are written and developed completely in XML and they are therefore a very unique platform- and it is also a language-independent language.

SoapUI is also defined as an open-source web application testing tool that is used for testing applications for various service-oriented architectures as well as for the representational state transfers. This means that SoapUI is also a cross-platform framework.

SOAPUI was defined by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) as an XML based protocol that is used for the exchange of information in a decentralized and distributed environment.

Features of SOAPUI

There are many features and characteristics of SOAPUI and some of them are:

1. SOAPUI is an application communication protocol that is designed to communicate through the Internet.

2. SOAPUI can be used to further extend HTTP for messaging in XML.

3. SOAPUI offers application developers with data transport features for Web services.

4. SOAPUI can also be used to exchange complete documents or to call a remote application method.

5. SOAPUI can be used for sending a broadcast message.

6. SOAPUI s both a language and platform-independent language.

7. It is the way by which XML is used to define what king of information is sent and how it is sent.

8. It allows client applications to be easily used to connect to remote data services and call remote methods.

Benefits of SOAP

There are many benefits of SOAPUI, and some of them are:

1. SOAPUI has User-Friendly Graphical User Interface.

2. SOAPUI also provides data transport services for Web services.

3. SOAPUi can also be used as a message broadcasting service.

4. SOAPUI is very easy to use for Functional Testing.

5. SOAPUI is also an application and a platform-independent language.

6. SOAPUI is a web application protocol that is designed specifically to communicate with the help of the internet.

7. SOAPUI also carries out the role of both client as well as a data service.

8. SOAPUI is also very user-friendly and it is also very easy to convert the functional test of an application into a non-functional test.

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