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What is Silverlight?

Silverlight or Microsoft Silverlight is a web application development framework that is used for designing, writing and deploying dynamic and feature-rich Internet web applications and it is very similar to the Adobe Flash. A plugin for Silverlight is still available for some internet browsers. While early releases of Silverlight are entirely focused on media streaming, later versions offer support for graphics, multimedia, and animations, and game developer's support for command-line interface languages and development tools.

Silverlight was also one of the two application development platforms for that was used for the Windows Phone, but web pages that make use of Silverlight did not run on the Windows Phone or on Windows Mobile versions of the Internet Explorer since there was no Splugin for Silverlight on Internet Explorer for those platforms.

Silverlight was the fundamental development environment for the Windows Phone and it is based on Silverlight 4. For previous versions of the Windows Mobile, the first Community Technology Preview (CTP) for Windows Mobile, it was expected to be released in the second quarter of 2008, but it still has not been officially announced. Microsoft has since stopped focusing on releasing Silverlight to its Windows Mobile.

Features of Silverlight

There are many features of Silverlight and some of them are:

1. Smooth Streaming: The Smooth Streaming feature lets you deliver high definition video streams that play back smoothly on any device that is running on Silverlight.

2. PivotViewer: The PivotViewer makes it very easy to interact with large amounts of data that are on the web in ways that are very informative, powerful and fun. By visualizing large amounts of related items at the same time

3. SketchFlow: SketchFlow, which is a part of the Blend for Visual Studio 2013, totally changes the speed and the efficiency with which you can display a vision for an application. SketchFlow provides an.

4. Deep Zoom: Microsoft Silverlight Deep Zoom effect is the clearest, and fastest technology for zooming that is available on the Web, offering its users the highest resolution images and frame rates. 

5. Pixel Shader: These Silverlight software-based photo effects have various blur and drop shadow effects controls that can be easily applied to any graphical content to animate the content. You can also write your own graphical effects and animations.

6. New Controls: Microsoft Silverlight comes bundled with over 60 high-quality, fully modifiable and customizable out-of-the-box tweaks and controls such as media, charting, layout containers, etc.

7. Media Format Extensibility: With the more recent Raw AV pipeline, Microsoft Silverlight can easily provide support for a wide variety of third-party codecs. Audio and video file formats can be decoded outside the runtime and then rendered.

8. Perspective 3D Graphics: Microsoft Silverlight allows software developers and designers to apply content to any 3D plane. Developers can scale or rotate a live content in space without writing any additional code. 

9. Skinning and Styling: Microsoft Silverlight makes it very easy to create graphics and then use those graphics to customize your controls, such as how your scrollbar looks like. Microsoft Silverlight provides XAML based templates for each project.

Benefits of Silverlight 

There are many benefits of Silverlight and some of them are:

1. Silverlight is a cool and interactive software applications that boost system adoption.

2. Silverlight allows for more efficient use of screen real estate.

3. Silverlight offers faster development lifecycles for projects.

4. Silverlight offers a more reliable applications.

7. Silverlight has a very powerful data visualization capabilities.

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