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What Is Satellite Communication? 

Satellite Communication is defined as the use of Satelite Technology In the area of Communications. Satellite Communication in Telecommunication is the deployment and use of artificial satellites to provide Communication links between various areas on the earth. Satellite communications play a very important part in the global Telecommunication systems. Approximately, 2000 artificial satellites have been deployed that are orbiting around the earth and are sending back analog and digital signals which carry voice, video and other forms of data from one location to the other worldwide.

Satellite Communications also brings about the ability of over long distances and can work under circumstances or conditions which are not feasible for other forms of Communication. The services provided by Satelite Communications include voice calling, video calling, fax, radio and television channels.

The high-frequency radio waves that are used for Telecommunications travels through Line Of Site and are therefore obstructed by the structure of the earth, The purpose of Communications Satellites is to send the signal around the curve of the earth which allows Communication between very distant geographical points. Communications Satellites makes use of a broad range of radio and microwave frequencies. To avoid signal interference, international organizations have governing rules for which frequency bands certain organizations are allowed to use. This way of assigning network bands reduces the risks of Signal Interference.

Features of Satellite Communications:

Below are some of the Features Of Satelite Communications:

  1. Satellites that are used in Satellite Communications are normally in geostationary orbit. Some of them are placed in a Kepler Orbit with an Eccentricity of less than 1, or highly Elliptical Orbits.

  2. Satellite Communications also provide global availability of frequencies. It covers not only landmasses but it also covers maritime and riverine areas as well. Large distances can then be covered quite easily.

  3. One of the major benefits provided by Satellite Communication is superior reliability unlike other kinds of Communication. It doesn't need terrestrial infrastructure for its operation.

  4. Satellite Communication could offer better performance speed and uniformity are much more defined than in other forms of Communication.

  5. Scalability is higher in the case of satellite communications.

  6. The cost of deployment is higher than other kinds of communications in the case of Satellite Communications.

  7. As it is less vulnerable than other forms of Communication, it is highly used in the defense and military departments.

  8. Satellite Communications also provide and relay accurate weather information.

  9. It could also be helpful during times of disasters as its services rarely fail.

  10. A high amount of data can be easily transmitted with the help of satellites.

Benefits of Satelite Communication

The Following Are Some Of The Advantages Of Satellite Communication:

1. Satellite Communications is used for mobile Communication applications independent of the location.

2. It is used for mobile and wireless communication applications independent of location.

3. It covers a wide area of the earth hence the entire country or region can be covered with just one Satellite.

4. It provides wider bandwidth based on SCPC or MCPC allocation types.

5. It co-exists with a terrestrial microwave line of sight communication.

6. It is easy to install and manage the ground station sites.

7. It does not incur much of the costs per VSAT site.

8. It is used for voice, data, video and any other information transmission. The satellite system can be interfaced with internet infrastructure to obtain internet service.

9. It is easy to obtain service from one single provider and uniform service is available.

10. It has a small fading margin on the order of about 3dB.

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