SAP Solution Manager shortened to SAP SOLMAN is a central support and system management software tool that is presented to SAP's customers as part of their license agreement. As with any SAP system landscape that may come with a large number of installed SAP and non-SAP systems, SAP SOLMAN is designed to take down and centralize the management of these software systems as well as end-to-end business processes. SAP Solution Manager satisfies the complete application lifecycle of SAP's customer solutions that are employed on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud. The more-recent, modern and intelligent IT management platform greatly empowers IT organizations for the future of business. With this, extremely integrated software solution SAP customers can implement, run, maintain and adopt all their enterprise solutions even in non-SAP software while presenting support for business continuity, business innovation, and efficient operations.

The SAP SOLMAN provides various functionalities to users like methodologies, integrated content, various tools, etc. to perform, monitor, operate, and support an enterprise’s SAP solution.  SAP solution manager handles the SAP and Non-SAP solutions in the IT aspects of an organization. It supports the fundamental IT infrastructure and business processes. It is a very powerful software tool for SAP Basis administrators.

In an SAP customer's landscape, SAP SOLMAN is the managing system, and the various business suite software applications, for example, SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP BI, SAP EP, are the managed systems. Integrated systems that are NON-SAP products in the landscape can also be satisfied over the solution life-cycle. The managed customer landscape can be made up of either on-premise, cloud, or a mixture of both. Business processes can also be documented during the whole solution lifecycle, therefore, making the platform a very important business platform as well as an IT platform.

Features of SAP SOLMAN

There are lots of features of SAP SOLMAN and some of them are:

1. SAP Engagement and Service Delivery.

2. Requirements Management.

3. Project Management.

4. Process Management

5. Test Suite.

6. Change Control Management.

7. IT Service Management.

8. Application Operations.

9. SAP Business Process Operations

Benefits of SAP SOLMAN

There are lots of benefits and advantages of using SAP SOLMAN and some of them are

1. Lowering Cost:  SAP Solution Manager helps you make the most out of various SAP’s support services therefore drastically taking down your total cost of ownership of the SAP system.

2. Automated Alerts: With SAP SOLMAN, There is no need to manually seek out errors in the system as the team would be notified instantly of any issues or errors automatically.

3. Improved patch and upgrade management:  With SAP SOLMAN, you would be using just one system to manage patch updates and synchronization across your systems.

4. Automated configuration tracking:  The fully maintained knowledge repository provided by SAP SOLMAN allows users to keep track of all the changes in the configuration files.

5. Centralized Management: SAP SOLMAN acts as a central point of control for the whole solution landscape and as a centralized management tool for the multi-component projects.

6. Reduces Administration Effort:  SAP SOLMAN does real-time monitoring of interfaces, systems, and business process which reduces administration effort.

7. Easy Integration: SAP SOLMAN integrates with various IT landscapes that include both SAP and non-SAP software applications.

8. Faster ROI:  SAP SOLMAN further hastens implementation and continuous improvement.  The availability and the implementation of best practice documents, roadmaps, and SAP solution management services help to speed up and accelerate the project.

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