SAP Simple Finance Course And Certification

What is SAP Simple Finance?

SAP Simple Finance or S/4 HANA Finance is one of the most important modules that is used to manage the SAP Finance and Accounting, and it is powered by SAP HANA. It is used to carry out financial operations and accounting tasks in real-time and it also carries out reporting using BI tools. SAP Simple Finance software helps to study and analyze the financial situations of an organization that is currently in the market.

In regular SAP applications, all the data entered is generally stored at the level of the database and calculations are then performed. The results after the calculations are now presented at the application layer. Most of the processing time of the entered query involves various calculations and aggregations. It is required that all the application logic should be pushed to the database level to greatly improve the performance of the execution of the query.

Applications that are based on SAP HANA generally provide the best application performance by pushing the execution into the database as much as possible. All the data entered is then stored in an in-memory database so the query data is read much faster than it usually is when it is compared to a regular database.

SAP Simple Finance offers support for the replication of real-time data and hence it removes the unnecessary latency and complexity that comes with the loading of data.

Features of SAP Simple Finance

There are lots of Features of SAP Simple Finance and some of them are:

1. Financial Planning and Analysis: Using the SAP Simple Finance software, individuals, businesses and organizations can use it to forecast, predict, plan, and budget an ongoing process. With the use of its modern Predictive Analysis tools, you can forecast the impact of your business decisions on the financial reports of your business or organization.

2. Accounting and Finance: With the use of advanced tools and the introduction of Finance and Accounting features, businesses can meet the legal terms and it can complete the financial reports faster than it usually takes.

3. Financial Risk Management: Using SAP Predictive Analysis, tools business owners and organizations can find the risk in the financial processes at an early stage and bring up ways to regulate them.

4. Risk and Compliance Management: Using strong and well-grounded financial processes, it is very easy to prevent and stop unauthorized access to sensitive data in an organization. It is easy to detect various fraudulent activities and abuse, and your organizations can proactively set a balance between the risks in all the financial processes.

5. Technical System Landscape: SAP Simple Finance is developed based on the SAP NetWeaver and the SAP ERP Business Suite.

6. Central Finance: A central finance is used to migrate to SAP Simple Finance without any noticeable impact on the current system landscape. Using its central finance feature, you can easily implement a common reporting structure by mapping the common entities that are found in the local system to a common set of master data in the central system.

Benefits of SAP Simple Finance

The following are some of the advantages of using SAP Simple Finance as an underlying database for your organization.

1. With SAP Simple Finance, you get real-time data analysis into your business finances.

2. SAP Simple Finance lets you easily eliminate the unnecessary complexity of hardware.

3. No latency in the database which is due to the nightly ETL job.

4. SAP Simple Finance offers you an in-memory database.

5. It provides column store to supports calculations on the run

6.Parallel processing

7. Data compression

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