SAP Payroll Course And Certification

What is SAP Payroll?

A Payroll is a process that is used to calculate the wages and salary of a permanent and temporary employee of a business and organization. Processing of employee payroll is one of the fundamental functions of HR in any organization.

SAP Payroll is one of the major modules found in SAP Human Capital Management. SAP Payroll is used to determine the payment for each employee in an organization with respect to the work that is carried out by him. the SAP Payroll software is not only made up of remuneration part but it also includes other benefits that any business or organization has to provide for the employee welfare according to the company laws in a particular country.

The SAP Payroll software system handles the gross and net pay, which also involves the payments and deductions that are calculated while processing the payroll of an employee. The system determines the payment and all deductions while processing payment by using different types of wages.

SAP Payroll System manages and handles the gross and net pay of an organization, which also includes the payments and deductions calculated while processing payroll for an employee. The system calculates the total amount and all deductions while processing payment by using different wage types. Once the processing of the payroll is complete, the system carries out different consequent activities.

A payroll system takes in data that are related to payroll from the system. In the case of an off-cycle payroll, the system removes the internal table and imports the previous payroll result. The shift schedule, gross wage, and compensation together with the valuation bases are determined in the system and the master data that is relevant to this payroll is summed up in the calculation.

The next step after the step above is to calculate the partial period factors, the salary elements, and to find out the gross results. Finally, in the last process, the system calculates the net remuneration and carries out the accounting in case there is any change in the master data gotten from a previously processed payroll.

Once this payroll run is completed, the results are then transferred to the Finance Accounting and evaluation section. After this, the posting is then carried out for the corresponding cost centers.

Features of SAP Payroll

There are lots of features of the SAP Payroll system and some of them are:

1. The SAP Payroll software can be integrated together with various departments such as Personnel administration, time management, wages, and accounting departments.

2. Data retention allows you to make use of the master data and other payroll-related data gotten from Personnel Administration.

3. Time data gotten from Time Management is also incorporated into the Payroll system and is used during the payroll system runtime.

4. Various components of the Incentive Wages are used to process the payroll directly.

5. Various expenses and payable information from the SAP Payroll system are directly posted in Financial Accounting FICO to specify a cost center for all the costs.

Benefits of SAP Payroll

There are many benefits of the SAP Payroll system, and some of them are:

1. SAP Payroll allows you to have a clear picture of your workforce.

2. SAP Payroll provides you with amazing reporting capabilities.

3. SAP Payroll offers improved productivity and Return On Investment.

4. The SAP Payroll system consolidates the HR data.

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