What is SAP EWM?

SAP EWM which is the acronym for SAP Extended Warehouse Management is part of the SAP Supply Chain Management that is like the SAP Warehouse Management System, but it offers more advanced and robust features to manage important activities in a warehouse. SAP EWM is used to efficiently control the inventory system in a Warehouse and for supporting the processing of goods and services. SAP EWM allows any company to manage its Warehouse’s outbound and inbound processes and the movement of goods in the Warehouse. In SAP EWM all the movements of goods are handled by the warehouse management system that provides you the various tools to monitor warehouse activities.

SAP EWM is used to efficiently manage the inventory in the Warehouse and for maintaining the processing of moving goods around. It allows the company to fully control and manage its Warehouse inbound and outbound processes. The main method or process in a Warehouse is the incoming and outgoing of materials, goods receipt and goods issue, fulfill customer orders and handle the distribution of goods. When a company doesn’t store any kind of physical goods, then there is no need for Warehouse management to manage goods. The inbound process includes the storage of the goods in the warehouse and their location and the outbound process involves picking up the goods and sending them to a specific location.

With the help of SAP EWM, all the movement of goods is managed by a warehouse management system and offers you the tools to manage and monitor warehouse activities. You can also manage extra and additional functions in the Warehouse like creating a batch number, serial number, resource optimization, vendor management inventory, and value-added services. SAP EWM allows you to not only view and monitor the quantity of goods in the Warehouse but to manage other important functions and delivery of goods efficiently. 

Features of SAP EWM

There are many features of SAP EWM and some of them are:

1. By using SAP EWM, you can control various warehouse activities like posting, picking, and managing storage bin and generating good receipts.

2. You can set notification alert for data that has been changed before goods receipt from SAP EWM to the SAP ERP system, the reversal or correction of the goods receipt from SAP EWM to the SAP ERP system and an inbound delivery split from EWM to the ERP system.

3. You can carry out the deconsolidation of managing units that are made up of different products before putting them away in separate storage sections.

4. With SAP EWM, you can find out various concepts of storage by using slotting for products and optimize the storage and arrangements of goods warehouse automatically.

5. SAP EWM allows you to carry out various executable tasks that work packages that are made up of warehouse tasks warehouse employees should carry out as part of the warehouse management activities.

Benefits of SAP EWM

There are many benefits of using SAP EWM and some of them are:

1. SAP EWM has a very simplified systems landscape.

2. SAP EWM has seamless integration with other SAP products.

3. SAP EWm has an accelerated Implementation feature.

4. SAP EWM comes with a very flexible Licensing plan for its software.

5. SAP EWM presents you with real-time Insights of the goods in our warehouse.

6. SAP EWM makes sure that data duplication is reduced.

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