What is SAP CCA?

SAP CCA which is the acronym for SAP Cost Center Accounting is a product of the sap business suite that is used to perform Controlling activities in an Organization. In any business or organization, the cost that is incurred to carry out certain activities should be made open and transparent. By using the SAP Cost Center Accounting software solution, you can carry out a highly profitable analysis of each functional area and help all cost to be assigned to a source. With SAP CCA, you can differentiate between the different types of responsibility areas such as Profit Centers, Cost Centers, and Investment Centers.

A business unit in any company can be grouped as a cost center, profit center, or an investment center. The cost center is a simple and straightforward division in a business or organization. SAP CCA is known as a component in an organization where the costs are incurred that adds value to the cost and adds profit to the organization. A hierarchical structure of a cost center should be used to define a cost center. Assignments that are source-related are difficult for calculating overhead costs and SAP CCA analyses the overhead costs in accordance with where they occurred within the business organization. SAP CCA allows us to check the individual functional areas profitability and produce quality decision-making data for management purposes

Features of SAP CCA

There are many features of SAP CCA and some of them are:

1. Actual Cost Accounting: With SAP CCA, you can transfer the actual operational cost from other components like Asset Accounting AA, Material Management MM, etc. and you can also record the other actual cost in the system.

2. Actual Cost Allocation: In SAP CCA, there are different procedures and methods that you can use to record the actual operational cost. The actual cost can be differentiated as per transaction-based allocation and also as per period based allocation.

3. Plan cost allocation: With SAP CCA, you can also plan the allocation of the actual cost for the cost centers in the organization.

4. Activity Accounting: In SAP CCA, this is used to calculate the total operating cost. For a cost activity and center, the final output defines the target cost of the cost center.

Benefits of SAP CCA

There are many benefits of SAP CCA, and some of them are:

1. SAP CCA is used to align the overhead costs with the various activities that are carried out in an organization. It is very possible and easy to assign different activity type to a cost center with SAP CCA.

2. With SAP CCA, you can carry out cost center accounting to manage the cost in the organization and to check for the profitability of each functional area and decision-making data. 

3. With SAP CCA, you can analyze and manage the overhead cost in an organization and verify if they are made in the organization activities.

4. With SAP CCA, you can plan costs at the cost center, this allows you to check for the efficiency of the cost at the point when costs are made in the organization.

5. With SAP CCA, you can directly assign the cost-to-cost centers for services, products, and market segments, which are involved in carrying out these activities.


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