What is SAP BW?

SAP BW which is the acronym for SAP Business Warehouse is a model-driven data warehousing software product that is based on the SAP ABAP systems. It accepts, modifies and stores the generated data in both SAP and non-SAP software applications and it makes the data easily accessible by means of its in-built business intelligence, reporting and analytics tools, as well as using other third-party software’s.

SAP BW is also a software development platform that software developers make use of to produce and edit warehouses of data, carry out data management tasks, produce reports and develop data analytics software’s. Business users of SAP BW typically access the software through an application that is built by a developer, such as an executive dashboard on an admin panel, or through a mobile app.

Unlike other data warehousing software products that are based directly on a database platform, SAP BW allows developers to define the data warehouse objects as data sources, and data stores and queries, which then instantiates and runs in different ways depending on the specific platform it runs on, as well as other limitations.

In the past, SAP BW was developed to offer online analytical processing (OLAP) that runs on top of the SAP transactional system R/3, which was developed to be used  for online transaction processing (OLTP). SAP BW was initially focused almost completely on getting data out of SAP systems and producing reports on that data, but later, it quickly added other extra capabilities and features. With its version 3, it became a feature rich data warehousing system used for data collection, transformation of data,  as a storage medium for both flat and relational cube models, and as a flexible database query system together with a  set of data reporting and business intelligence tools under the public name Business Explorer. With the release of the SAP HANA in-memory database system, SAP developed a series of versions of the  BW software’s based on SAP HANA. 

Features of SAP BW

There are many features of the SAP BW software system, and some of them are:

1. Simplified modelling and administration: SAP BW Speeds up the requests for change and reduces its implementation time, while also taking down the time spent on development, with a very understandable modelling and administration features.

2. Integration with SAP and non-SAP applications: SAP BW lets you to connect to SAP and non-SAP software applications and data sources to cut down the costs for data integration Data extraction, data transformation and load processes and infrastructures that are on premise.

3. Improved user experience: SAP BW offers an improved user productivity to businesses  and it reduces shadow analytics, while increasing the Software adoption by users.

Benefits of SAP BW

There are many benefits of the SAP BW Software systems and some of them are:

1. SAP BW offers a high return on investment at approximately 10.57 dollars for each dollar that was invested in it especially when bundled together with mobility.

2. Cross-Application Visibility into Business Process Performance.  SAP BW  let’s you share your business info across multiple entities to create a higher visibility

3. SAP BW offers business a permanent data storage as opposed to regular transactional data that disappears soon after its generation. 

4. SAP BW offers an improved Customer Service Levels.  

5. Increased Capacity Utilization Rates


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