What is SAP BPC?

SAP BPC which is the acronym for Business Planning and Consolidation tool is an enterprise tool that is used to support all the financial and operational activities in an organization. SAP BPC helps businesses in automating and streamlining business forecasts, planning, and the consolidation activities that are carried out in various organizations.

SAP BPC offers support for two types of migration which are SAP NetWeaver and Microsoft Excel. SAP BPC together with a version of Microsoft allows you to carry out modeling, application maintenance, creating scripts, importing data and applying transformations, to the data, etc. It makes use of the power of Microsoft Excel and grants the user with an Enterprise Power Management (EPM) solution, and a collaborative tool within an already robust, and readily accepted environment.

SAP BPC offers support for already existing functionalities of Microsoft together with various other enhancement features such as the drag and drop report builder, etc.

SAP BPC presents the users with a single view of the financial and operational data and the unified solution which supports the process of managing the Performance Management processes.

With the support of the SAP BPC software, professionals of the SAP software can contribute to the vertical growth of various organizations, even while spending less amount of time on paper works, together with power-packed forecasting and other consolidation activities in the department that is responsible for the automotive, budgeting, and strategic planning. The other benefits of the SAP BPC include the positive improvements in the decision making and analysis process of any business. It is made available in two platforms which are, Microsoft and SAP Net Weaver. 

Features of SAP BPC

There are many features of the SAP BPC software and some of them are:

1. Unified: With the SAP BPC software, you have both Planning and Consolidation bundled together in One Product. Single software application reduces the time of maintenance, it also enhances the integrity of the data, and it simplifies the process of deployment. It also allows for more flexible planning & consolidation functions.

2. Owned and Managed by Business Users: Companies and Business uses the SAP BPC software to manage the processes, models & reports with little dependence on IT.

3. An open, adaptable application: SAP BPC extends the value of your investment in both SAP and non-SAP environments.

4. Familiar, and easy to use: SAP BPC makes it easy to use and support other native Microsoft Office tools (for example, MS Excel) and web browsers that are accessing a central database.

5. Align Financial and Operational plans: SAP BPC allows businesses to draft their financial goals and operational plans with highly strategic objectives.

Benefits of SAP BPC

There are many benefits of SAP BPC and some of them are: 

1. SAP BPC allows its users to make better business decisions by supporting the What-If analysis and it allows you to carry out scenario-based planning.

2. SAP BPC allows you to join various business data together and thereby increasing the accuracy of business planning and accountability.

3. SAP BPC helps in aligning together with your plans with the business strategic goals and therefore decrease the cycle time.

4. With SAP BPC, you have an option to choose any version of SAP NetWeaver or Microsoft Platform.

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