What is SAP BODS?

SAP BODS which is the acronym for SAP BO Data Services is an ETL tool that is used for data integration, data profiling, data quality, and data processing. It lets its users integrate and transform a trusted data-to-data warehousing system to be used for analytical reporting. SAP BODS is made up of a User Interface development interface, a repository of metadata, and data connectivity to both source and target system and the management console for the scheduling of jobs.

A Data warehouse is a name that is used to refer to a central repository that is used to store the data that is gotten from one or multiple heterogeneous sources of data. A data warehouse is basically used for the reporting and analysis of information and to stores both current and historical data. The data in a Data Warehousing system is used for Analytical reporting, which is then used by Business Analysts, Knowledge workers or Sales Managers for decision-making.

The data in a Data Warehousing system is loaded from an operational transaction system such as Sales, HR, Marketing, SCM, etc. It may pass through an operational data store or other data transformations before it is loaded to the Data Warehousing system for later information processing functions.

The data services that are being catered by the different sub-modules of the SAP Business Objects (BO) is made up of data integration, data profiling, data quality, text data processing, and other methods that guarantee users with the delivery of trusted and secured data to further users after going through the desired processes of integration. This SAP module also performs other additional functions of defining inline complex transformations and for developing customized functions in the software.

To explain it better, let's suppose that you have a home loan agency on which data is coming in from multiple applications such as marketing, sales, HRM, ERP, MM, etc. This data is first extracted, transformed and then loaded into the Data Warehouse. An example usage is: if you have to compare the Quarterly and Annual sales of a product, you cannot make use of an Operational transactional database, as this will hang the system for transaction. Therefore, a Data Warehouse can then be used used for this purpose.

Features of SAP BODS

There are many features of SAP BODS and some of them are:

1. SAP BODS provides business with high-performance parallel transformations.

2. SAP BODS has a comprehensive administrative and reporting tool.

3. SAP BODS offers support for multi-users.

4. SAP BODS is very flexible with a web-service based applications.

5. SAP BODS allows users to make use of a scripting language to add a rich set of functions.

6. SAP BODS as data validation tools with dashboards and process auditing.

7. Debugging and built-in profiling and viewing data.

Benefits of SAP BODS

There are many benefits of SAP BODS and some of them are: 

1. With SAP BODS, you have a very good model of data and also, good data-management support.

2. SAP Business Objects provides you with various tools for data mining and quality assessment.

3. SAP BODS provides you with better profiling because of too many acquisitions of other companies.

4. The learning curve of SAP BODS is quick and it is very easy to use.

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