What is SAP BASIS?

BASIS is a set of computer programs and tools that act as an interface to communicate with various Databases, Operating systems, Communication protocols, and other business applications such as CO, FI, MM, etc. BASIS is the acronym for Business Application Software Integrated solution.

SAP Basis attributes to the administration of the SAP system which involves various activities like the system installation, configuration, load balancing, and increasing the performance of various SAP software and applications that are running on Java stack and SAP ABAP. This also includes the maintenance of different services that are related to database, software applications, operating systems, and web servers that are within the SAP system landscape and stopping and restarting the system.

Various SAP software applications such as PP, FI, CO, etc. can operate and communicate directly with each other across different operating systems and system databases with the help of BASIS. Nowadays, BASIS is known as Netweaver. The nickname of BASIS is SAP Application Server Technology and the nickname of NetWeaver is SAP Web Application Server.

After adding java stack ie, the applications that are developed in BSP, J2EE, JSP, etc, we notice a highly improved standard of security for the business process. Both ABAP and Java stack can be managed and monitored from one platform. Netweaver offers support for standard protocols such as SMTP, HTTP, SOAP, XML, WEBDAV, SSO, WSDL, WMLSSO, SSL, X.509, and Unicode format.

We can further say that SAP BASIS is the operating system for all SAP applications and ABAP software. BASIS provides you with various services like allowing you to directly communicate with the operating system, communicate directly with the database, management of system memory, collection of application data as runtime, managing web requests, exchanging business data and information, etc.

SAP Basis supports a known number of operating systems such as the flavors of Unix, Microsoft windows server edition, OSx, etc, and various databases such as Oracle, DB2, Informix, MaxDB, Microsoft SQL Server, etc).

Features of SAP BASIS

There are many features of SAP BASIS and some of them are:

1. SAP BASIS provides various system monitoring and administration tools.

2. SAP BASIS has the common monitoring tool Computing Centre Management System (CCMS) that is used to monitor alerts in the R/3 system from one place.

3. SAP BASIS allows you to carry out server-side scripting in ABAP and Javascript.

4. SAP BASIS allows for the use of business server pages to build online stores and portals.

5. Database monitoring and administration utilities

6. SAP BASIS provides various tools for resource management such as memory, buffer, etc.

7. SAP BASIS provides authorization and profile management tools for user management.

8. SAP BASIS provides internet access control to the system and business objects.

9. SAP BASIS allows you to easily transfer the modifications in a screen, program, or layout from the development system to a production system for ease and accuracy purposes by the system involved with Transport Management.

10. Client-server architecture and configuration.

11. SAP BASIS provides you with a Graphical User Interface designing tools for use in the presentation layer.

Benefits of SAP BASIS

There are lots of Benefits of SAP BASIS and some of them are:

1. Better Stability

2. Lower Cost

3. Access to High-Quality SAP and IT Resources

4. Improved Internal IT Procedures and Automation

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