What is Sage 50 Accounting?

Sage 50 Accounting also known as Sage 50cloud is an accounting software developed by Sage Group used in performing accounting functions within an organisation in order to produce a comprehensive financial statement that incorporates every aspect of the organisation's finances within a short possible time. 

The Sage Group is a British Multinational enterprise software development company based in England. The Sage Group is the second largest technology company in United Kingdoom and also the third-largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software in the world (behind Oracle and SAP). 

Sage Group is also the largest supplier to small and medium businesses and has over 6.1million users globally with offices in over 25 countries.

Advantages of Studying Sage 50 Accounting:

1. It is essential for financial planning and management.

2. It is used for budgeting and control.

3. It is used for receivables and payable.

4. It helps in inventory monitoring and control.

5. It helps in reconciliation of financial transactions.

6. Easy to Install 

7. Good Customer Support

8. Excellent Reporting

9. Auditing Ability

10. It can handle large inventory

Sage 50 Accounting Versions by Country are: 

1. UK/Ireland Version: The UK/Ireland version has 4 products under Sage 50 or Sage 50cloud: Accounts, Payroll, HR and P11D.

2. US Version: The US version was initially called Peachtree Accounting, after which a conversion to the Peachtree/Sage 50 data format was made available when Simply Accounting was taken off the market. It was brought under the Sage 50 banner in 2013.

3. Canadian Version: The Candian version was known as Bedford Accounting and later renamed to Simply Accounting. It was later brought under the Sage 50 banner in 2013.

4. French Version: The French version is known as Sage 50cloud Ciel. It was developed by Ciel - the French software business, founded in 1986 and acquired by Sage in 1992.

5. The Spanish Version: The French version was formerly known as Sage ContaPlus, offered in the early 1980s by Grupo SP.

6. South African Version: The South African Version is Sage 50 Pastel, formerly known as Pastel Accounting and has been in existence since 1989. 

Sage 50 Accounting Versions by Function are: 

1. Sage 50cloud Pro Accounting Software

2. Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting Software

3. Sage 50cloud Quantum Accounting Software

Some of the Sage 50 Features: 

1. Cash flow monitoring

2. Invoicing management

3. Bills payment

4. Project management

5. Inventory management

6. Customer management

7. Basic accounting

8. Insights and Analytics generation

9. Customisable reports and financial statements

10. Sage advisor

11. Terminal services 

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Sage 50 Accounting with Certificate of Completion to showcase your knowledge. 

Sage 50 Accounting Course Outline: 

Sage 50 - Welcome to Sage 50 Accounts 

Sage 50 - Getting started with Sage 50 Accounts 

Sage 50 - Setting up Sage 50 Accounts 

Sage 50 - Setting up your Chart of Accounts 

Sage 50 - Setting up records 

Sage 50 - Company tasks 

Sage 50 - Banking tasks 

Sage 50 - Customer tasks 

Sage 50 - Supplier tasks 

Sage 50 - Product tasks (stock) 

Sage 50 - Project tasks

Sage 50 - Support tools 

Sage 50 - Reporting 

Sage 50 - Working with foreign currencies and accounts 

Sage 50 - Exams and Certification

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