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What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript mobile framework for developing real, natively rendering mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices. It’s based on the React, Facebook’s JavaScript library for building and developing user interfaces, but instead of targeting the browser, this time, it is used to targets mobile platforms. In other words, web developers can now develop mobile applications that will have the look and feel of native applications, all from the comfort of a JavaScript library that they already know and use regularly. An added benefit here is that most of the code you write here can be shared between various platforms, React Native makes it very easy to simultaneously develop applications for both Android and IOS from the same code base.

React Native applications, similarly to React for the web, are written using a mixture of JavaScript and XML-like markup, popularly known as JSX. Then, under the hood, the React Native summons the native rendering APIs in Objective-C (for iOS apps) or Java (for Android applications). Therefore, your application will run using real mobile UI components, not just web views, and will look and feel like any other mobile application out there. React Native also exposes the JavaScript interfaces for platform-specific APIs, so your React Native applications can directly access platform features such as the phone camera, microphone or the user’s current location.

React Native presently supports both iOS and Android devices and has the potential ability to expand to future platforms as well soon.

Features of React Native

1. Programming Language: The programming language of any framework is one significant area that greatly influences the developer's ability a lot. If a development framework makes use of a programming language that is popular and widely used, it constantly affects and influences the choice of a developer. React Native uses one such language, Javascript which currently is the most popular and widely used programming language. Javascript is one of the three fundamental technologies of the World Wide Web (WWW), the other two are HTML and CSS.

2. UI Focussed: React Native is totally focussed on UI design. It is very responsive and its rendering capabilities are by far the best out there.

3. Community: Talking about community, React Native’s community is one of the greatest in the cross-platform mobile application development community. React.js development was started back in 2013 by the Facebook team and it was launched in 2015. Soon it was made an open-source software and its popularity greatly increased. Its popularity was further pushed forward by the developers contributing to it from all over the world leading to a very strong community presence.

4. Tried and Trusted: The React Native is one of the most trusted cross-platform application development framework. Built by the social media giant Facebook, it is tried enough to be trusted by all. Facebook uses React Native in all its mobile applications. This is enough to for developers to trust React Native. Moreover, it used by many other companies such as Airbnb, Instagram, Skype, Walmart, Tesla, and Discord.

5. Development Time: The time spent while developing with React Native is considerably very short.

6. Support for Third-Party Libraries: The usage of third-party libraries is always a huge point in development. React Native gives you support for a huge support of third party libraries.

Benefits Of React Native

1. React Native is community-driven

2. React Native Allows for Maximum code reuse and cost-saving

3. React Native comes with both live reload and hot reload

4. React Native provides strong performance for mobile environments

5. React Native has a modular and intuitive architecture similar to React

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