What is Powershell?

The Windows PowerShell is a command-line bash terminal and scripting language that is designed especially for system administration purposes. Its 'relative' in Linux is called Bash Scripting. Built on the .NET Framework, The Windows PowerShell helps IT technicians and professionals to control and automate the administration of the Microsoft Windows operating system and the various applications that run on the Windows Server environment.

Windows PowerShell commands, known as cmdlets, let you manage the windows pc from the command line interface. Windows PowerShell providers let you directly access data stores, such as the system Registry and Certificate Store, as easily as you can access the file system.

In addition, Windows PowerShell has a very rich expression parser and it comes with a fully developed scripting language. So in simple words, with Powershell, you can carry out all the tasks that you regularly do with a GUI and even much more.

The Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) is a host software application for the Windows PowerShell. In Windows PowerShell ISE, you can carry out commands, write codes, test, and debug scripts in a single Windows-based graphic user interface with features such as multiline editing, syntax coloring, tab completion, context-sensitive help, selective execution, and support for right-to-left languages.

You can use menu items and keyboard shortcuts to carry out many of the same tasks that you would normally perform in the Windows PowerShell console. For example, when you debug a script in the Windows PowerShell ISE, to fix a line breakpoint in your script, right-click the line of code that you want, and then click on the Toggle Breakpoint.

Features of Powershell

There are lots of features of Powershell and some of them are:

1. Windows PowerShell Workflow: This feature brings the power of the Windows Workflow Foundation to the Windows PowerShell. You can write your program workflows in XAML or in the Windows PowerShell scripting language and run them just as you would run any cmdlet.

2. Improvements to Existing Core Cmdlets and Providers: The Windows PowerShell 3.0 comes with new features to offer support for existing cmdlets including the simplified syntax, and new parameters for the cmdlet.

3. Remote module import and discovery: Windows PowerShell 3.0 increases the module discovery by adding features such as importing and implicit remoting capabilities on other remote computers.

4. The Module cmdlets: This allows you to import modules that are on remote computers to the local computer by using the Windows PowerShell remoting.

5. New CIM session support: This feature lets you use CIM and WMI to control and manage non-Windows computers by importing the commands to the local computer that implicitly runs on the remote computer.

6. Auto-complete feature: This feature saves typing time, and reduces your typographical errors.

7. PowerShell 3.0 Intellisense: This feature helps you to underline the error you make with red lines and suggests corrections when you hover your mouse pointer over the underlined line.

Benefits of Powershell

The following are a few benefits of PowerShell:

1. Powershell is an object-oriented system scripting language.

2. Powershell is an interactive scripting language, and it allows programmers to try out new things on a console and then integrate those codes into larger and more complicated scripts.

3. Powershell supports .Net objects and forms. It has access to all the libraries in .Net and hence it supports other languages like VB or C#.

4. Powershell supports Automation which is also a very important factor.


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