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What Is Power Electronics?

Power Electronics is defined as the implementation of solid-state Electronics to the control, and conversion of Electric power. Power Electronics is the study and implementation of switching Electronic circuits to control and maintain the flow of Electrical energy. Power Electronics is the technology behind regular switching Power supplies, Power inverters, Power Converters motor drives, and motor soft key-starters.

The capabilities and economy of the Power Electronics system are gotten by the current devices that are available. Their features and limitations are a key element in the design of Power Electronics systems. Previously, when the Mercury arc valve was in use, the high-vacuum and gas-filled diode thermionic rectifiers, and triggered devices, for example, thyratron and ignitron were mostly used in Power Electronics. As the classification of solid-state devices got better in both its voltage and current-handling capacity, vacuum devices have been almost entirely replaced by solid-state devices.

Power electronic devices could be used as switches, or as amplifiers. An example switch is either open or closed and so gives out no power; it stops an applied voltage and passes no current around, or passes any amount of current with no voltage drop. Semiconductor devices that are being used as switches can sum up this ideal property and so most Power Electronic applications depend on switching devices on and off, which makes systems very efficient and durable as very little power is wasted in the switch. By contrast, in the case of an amplifier, the current through the device changes continuously according to a controlled input. The voltage and current at the device terminals go by a load line, and the power dissipation inside the device is large when compared with the power delivered to the load.

Features And Characteristics Of Power Electronics

Below are some of the Features and Characteristics of Power Electronic Devices

1. Electricity: Electricity is a kind of energy that can be carried around by wires and it is used for heating and lighting, and to provide power for machines.  Power electronic devices cannot work without electricity applied to it.

2. Power Diodes: A Power diode has a P-I-N structure when it is compared to the signal diode that has a P-N structure. In this case, the I (in P-I-N) stands for the intrinsic semiconductor layer to bear the high-level reverse voltage when compared to the signal diode. However, the major disadvantage of this intrinsic layer is that it adds a noticeable resistance during the forward-biased condition. Thus, power diode requires a good cooling arrangement for handling large power distribution.  Power diodes are being used in numerous applications which include key starter, rectifier, voltage clamper, voltage multiplier and etc.

3. Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET): A MOSFET is a voltage-controlled majority carrier three-terminal device. When compared to the simple lateral channel MOSFET for low-power signals, power MOSFET has a different structure. It has a vertical channel structure where the source and the drain are on the opposite side of the silicon wafer. This opposite placement of the source and the drain increases the capability of the power MOSFET to handle larger power.

4. Power Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT): A bipolar junction transistor is a kind of transistor that makes use of both electrons and holes as charge carriers.

Benefits Of Power Electronics

Below are some of the advantages of Power Electronic Devices:

1. They have a high-efficiency rate which is due to low loss in power semiconductor devices.
2. High reliability of power electronic converter system.
3. Power Electronic Devices has a Long life and less maintenance due to the absence of moving parts.
4. Flexibility in operation
5. Fast dynamic response compared to the electromechanical converter system.
6. Small size and less weight, thus low installation cost.


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