What is OrientDB?

OrientDB is an open-source NoSQL database management system that is developed with Java. It is a database that has a Multi-model and offers support for supporting graphs, object models, and document, key/value, but the relationships are handled as in graph databases with direct connections between the records. OrientDB offers support for schema-full, schema-less, and schema-mixed modes. It has a strong security profiling system that is based on users and roles and it has support for querying with Gremlin along with SQL extended for graph traversal.

OrientDB makes use of several indexing features and mechanisms that are based on B-tree and Extendible hashing, the last one is referred to as a "hash index", there are other plans to bring about an LSM-tree and Fractal tree index that is based on indexes. Each record in orient Db has a Surrogate key that is used to indicate the position of a record inside of an Array list, links that are between the records are stored either as a single value of record's or a position stored inside of the referrer or as B-tree of record positions (referred to as record IDs or RIDs) which allows for fast traversal (with O(1) complexity) of one-to-many relationships and for fast addition/removal of new links. OrientDB is was named the third most popular graph database according to the DB-Engines graph database ranking, as of September 2017.

The development of OrientDB still depends on an open-source community that is led by the OrientDB LTD company which was created by its original author Luca Garulli. The project makes use of GitHub to manage the sources, contributors and file versioning, it also uses Google Group and Stack Overflow to offer free support to global users. OrientDB also has a lot of free Udemy courses to aid those who are hoping to learn the basics and get started with using OrientDB.

Features of OrientDB

Below are some of the features of Orient DB

1. Easy to install and use

2. Built for speed

3. No more joins

4. Great flexibility

5. Zero-configuration multi-master architecture

6. Elastic linear scalability

7. Multi-model database

8. Graph database

9. NoSQL

Benefits of OrientDB

1. Fast Operations: OrientDB has been designed and developed to deliver high performance. It supports for fast read and write processes. For writes, OrientDB can host up to 150,000 records per second. Its time-series software module can add 120,000 records each second while ensuring that the track of the time graph is synced for real-time analytics.

2. Single System for All Your Needs: It can be very expensive to change your current DBMS if you outgrow it. OrientDB is the solution as it takes down the need to invest in various applications for your purposes.

3. Drop-in Replacement: OrientDB supports a multi-master plus sharded architecture, which means that all the servers are master servers. This presents both reliability and horizontal scalability. The program can work on any platform without any installation and configuration. You can use it as a drop-in replacement for the common graph databases that are deployed today. The full server distribution is around two mega-byte not including the demo database.

4. Flexible and Robust Solution: OrientDB is very flexible and robust enough to be employed as an operational DBMS. It does not require a restart or downtime for its maintenance, and it makes use of the free space which is created by erased records while online.

5. Provides More Flexbility and Functionality: OrientDB is a leading NoSQL solution. It offers greater flexibility and functionality than its competitors and it is robust enough to be used in place of your operational DBMS.

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