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What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access mostly shortened to MS Acess is a DBMS (database management system) from Microsoft that joins together the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a software development tools and an easy to understand graphical user interface. MS Access is a member of the Microsoft Office suite of enterprise applications, it is either included in the Professional and higher editions or sold separately. Microsoft Access stores user's data in its own format which is based on the Microsoft Access Jet Database Engine. It can also import or link directly to various data that is stored in other applications and databases.

Software developers, power users, and data architects can make use of Microsoft Access to design and develop application software like in other Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft Access is supported by Visual Basic Applications (VBA) which is an object-oriented software development language that can generally reference a variety of objects including the legacy Data Access Objects (DAO), ActiveX Data Objects, and many other components of ActiveX. Visual objects in MS Access are used in display forms and reports expose their various properties and methods in the Visual Basic Application programming environment, and VBA code modules can declare and call various Windows operating system operations.

In addition to MS Access having its own database storage file, Microsoft Access also may also be used as the 'front-end of a program while other products would act as the 'back-end' tables, such as the Microsoft SQL Server and in non-Microsoft products such as Sybase and Oracle. Multiple backend sources can be used by the Microsoft Access Jet Database (ACCDB and MDB formats). In the way, some applications such as Visual Basic, Visual Studio .Net or ASP.NET will use the Microsoft Access database format for its data tables and queries. Microsoft Access may also be part of a more large and complex solution, where it may be combined together with other technologies such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and ActiveX controls.

Microsoft Access tables offer support for a variety of standard field types, indices, and referential integrity which includes lots of cascading updates and deletes. MS Access also comes with a query interface, display forms and enter data, and reports for printing.

Features of Microsoft Access

1. It is ideal for individual users and smaller teams.

2. MS Access is easier to use than regular client-server databases.

3. Ii allows you to import and export to other Microsoft Office and other databases.

4. It presents you with ready to use templates for regular users to create and publish data.

5. It offers you a user-friendly feature for assistance.

6. MS Access allows software developers to create custom solutions using codes written in VBA.

7. MS Access allows output Reports to be presented in PDF format.

10. It allows for the building and publishing of Web databases effortlessly.

Benefits of Microsoft Access

1. MS Access offers a quick and easy way to create database systems.

2. Microsoft Access presents users with a user-friendly application through its comprehensive programming language VBA

3. MS Access produces a flexible and easily scalable database systems.

4. MS Access is well-known so you can get help and support easily.

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