Management Information System - MIS Course And Certification

What is MIS?

MIS is abbreviation for Management Information System. 

What is Management Information System?

MIS - Management Information System is defined as a computer-based coherent arrangement of information aiding the management function and decision making of an organization. 

Management Information System is an important aspect of every business in that it provides business owners and managers with necessary data needed for smart decision making that drives growth. MIS helps to keep background data, current data and trend analysis so as to have ready information on all areas of the business. Every smart business owner or manager also use MIS to get detailed data on the company environment and finances in order to improve business performance in both short and long-term. 

Advantages of Management Information System: 

1. It helps to manage data and flow of information

2. It improves data quality

3. MIS give business owners the ability to collect, process and interpret data for growth

4. MIS helps you overcome performance challenges to derive better result.

5. It improves quality and effective decision making.

6. It reveals more data about customers, in order to improve on customer satisfaction.

7. It helps in understanding and managing staff performance

8. There are plenty of job opportunities in the discipline

9. It helps to forsee and predict future occurence for better business control

Features of Management Information System 

A Key part of a Management's responsibility is preparing forecasts for strategic planning and budgets. Management Information Systems can contain past data for fundamental business functions such as sales, production customer service, expenses and investments, information on revenue etc.

Management Information Systems (MIS) is a business pillar field. Modern businesses can’t survive without using some sort of MIS to collect and manage massive amounts of data, and there are plenty of opportunities to study or work in the discipline. 

MIS can be classified into two major sections: Classification by Characteristic and Classification by Application. 

Under Classification by Characteristic, we have:  

1. Strategic Information 

2. Tactical Information 

3. Operational Information

Under Classification by Application, we have: 

1. Planning Information 

2. Control Information 

3. Knowledge Information 

4. Organizational Information

5. Functional/Operational Information 

6. Database Information 

In the Full course, you will learn everything you need to know about Management Information System. You will clearly understand how MIS works for business decision making, as well as management and growth. You will be a competent manager in any field with Diploma Certification to showcase your knowledge and competence.

Management Information System Course Outline: 

Management Information System - Introduction

Management Information System - Basic Information Concepts 

Management Information System - Classification of Information

Management Information System - Quality of Information

Management Information System - Information Need & Objective 

Management Information System - Major Enterprise Applications

Management Information System - Enterprise Resource Planning

Management Information System - Customer Relationship Mgmt

Management Information System - Decision Support System

Management Information System - Content Management System

Management Information System - Executive Support System

Management Information System - Business Intelligence System

Management Information System - Business Continuity Planning

Management Information System - Supply Chain Management

Management Information System - Business Objectives of MIS

Management Information System - System Development Life Cycle

Management Information System - Development Process

Management Information System - Managerial Decision Making

Management Information System - Security and Ethical Issues 

Management Information System - Exams and Certification

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