Internet Of Things (IOT) Course And Certification

What is Internet Of Things (IOT) ?

Internet of Things (IOT) is the inter-connectivity of computing devices that is embedded into everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. It is simply defined as an extension of internet connectivity introduced into physical devices and everyday objects. 

Advantages of Internet Of Things (IOT): 

1. Internet of Things helps to achieve optimal results and excellent outputs

2. Internet of Things allows the use of small devices for operations

3. Internet of Things offers improved customer engagement 

4. Internet of Things offers technology optimization 

5. Internet of Things enhances data collection 

6. Internet of Things reduces waste  

Advantages of Studying Internet Of Things (IOT):

1. Internet Of Things enables students to understand the basic aim of IOT inventions which is aimed at connecting any device with an "on or off" switch to the internet. 

2. Students who study IOT will be acquainted with the requisite knowledge of the IOT concept and its application to modern day usage of computer, internet and information technology in general.

3. Knowledge of IOT includes everything from cell phones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, wearable devices, etc. This also extends to components of machines, e.g jet engine.

4. Studying IOT helps students to know that, IOT is a giant network of connected "things" (which includes people). The relationship will be between people-people, people-things, and things-things.

5. Knowledge of IOT can also be applied to things like transportation networks in "Smart cities", which can help us reduce waste and improve efficiency in energy usage, etc.

6. Internet of Things is a system that allows users to achieve better results using the best technological tools (Software, Hardware and Modern Attitude).

7. It makes work effortless, effective and efficient bringing about optimum outputs.

8. It provides job opportunities for I.T professionals.

9. It provides self-employment opportunity. 

Key Features of Internet of Things - IOT: 

The features or characteristics of Internet of Things - IOT are: 

1. Intelligence: 

Intelligence in IoT is concerned with the smart and seamless interactions between devices, while user and device interaction is achieved by GUI - Graphical User Interface and Standard Input Methods.

2. Connectivity: 

Connectivity in IoT brings together everyday objects/devices. It facilitates network connectivity, accessibility and compatibility in the things. 

3. Dynamic Nature: 

Dynamic Nature in IoT is responsible for dynamic changes that takes place around the connected devices such as; sleeping and waking up, connected or disconnected, state of devices including temperature level (hot/cold) and location.

4. Sensing: 

Sensing in IoT is powered by certain sensors which is designed to detect or measure any changes in the environment in order to generate data that can report on their status or even interact with the environment. 

5. Heterogeneity: 

Heterogeneity in Internet of Things is responsible for supporting direct network connectivity between heterogeneous networks. The requirements for heterogeneous things in IoT are scalability, modularity, extensibility and interoperability.

6. Security: 

Security in IoT is an important area because IoT devices are naturally vulnerable to security threats. and It is important to secure the endpoints, the networks, and the data that is transferred across all things involved. 

In the Full course, you will learn everything you need to know about Internet of Things - IoT with Certification to showcase your knowledge/skill gained. 

Internet of Things - IOT Course Outline: 

Internet of Things - Introduction/Overview

Internet of Things - Hardware

Internet of Things - Software

Internet of Things - Technology & Protocols

Internet of Things - Common Uses

Internet of Things - Media, Marketing, & Advertising

Internet of Things - Environmental Monitoring

Internet of Things - Manufacturing Applications

Internet of Things - Energy Applications

Internet of Things - Healthcare Applications

Internet of Things - Building/Housing Applications

Internet of Things - Transportation Applications

Internet of Things - Education Applications

Internet of Things - Government Applications

Internet of Things - Law Enforcement Applications

Internet of Things - Consumer Applications

Internet of Things - Thingworx

Internet of Things - CISCO Virtualized Packet Zone

Internet of Things - Salesforce

Internet of Things - GE Predix

Internet of Things - Eclipse

Internet of Things - Contiki

Internet of Things - Security

Internet of Things - Identity Protection

Internet of Things - Liability

Internet of Things - Exams and Certification

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