Instagram Marketing Course And Certification

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is an online photo-sharing social networking service that allows its users to share their life and experiences with their friends and the general public or a selected audience through a list of photos taken with a mobile device or any other digital camera.

Instagram marketing is defined as the way by which businesses and brands use Instagram to connect and engage with their target audiences and market their products or services. Lately, Instagram has gained popularity as a medium for brands to recruit new employees, show off their cultures, engage with potential and active customers, and show off their products in a new light.

Instagram’s social design plan was not just to influence the current social networks for sharing, but to develop its own, personal network. The value of a social network is primarily seen in its connections. Through Instagram, you can not just connect and share photos and videos with your friends, but you can also increase your professional and business network. Instagram can be used as a marketing strategy to market brand products and services.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking and image sharing platforms and it has gained immense popularity over the years. It has grown to become one of the most fundamental social networks among people and business and it continues to develop in popularity with over 400+ million active users every month. It’s no wonder then why businesses of all forms and sizes are grabbing the opportunity to use Instagram as one of their main marketing platforms for creating their brand awareness. If used accurately, Instagram can be a great product marketing tool for all forms of businesses, whether you are selling a product or offering a service.

Features of Instagram Marketing

There are lots of Features of Instagram Marketing and some of them are:

1. Video Features.

2. Stories Features.

3. Instagram provides you with push Notifications for Your favorite accounts.

4. Instagram has lots of built-in photo and video filters to let you further enhance your photos and videos

5. Instagram allows you to have multiple accounts and this lets you to easily switch between your business and personal accounts.

6. Instagram recently added its IGTV feature which lets you create a TV-like video presentation of your product

7. Instagram lets you add hyperlink username and hashtags In Your Bio

Benefits and Advantages of Instagram Marketing

There are lots of Benefits and Advantages of using Instagram for marketing and some of them are.

1. On Instagram, you can invite more users to window shop.

2. You can promote your brand to reach a wider audience with Instagram.

3. With Instagram, you can easily attract fans and boost sales.

4. Instagram’s Ad platform has access to one of the most advanced social media Advertising targeting options available.

5. Sales and Leads Are easily trackable through Instagram Ads So You can see a clear return on investment.

6. Instagram clearly separates personal profiles from business profiles.

7. Instagram’s User Base Allows You To reach and connect Into a previously unreached customer base.

8. With Instagram Marketing, you will build an audience that will stay connected With Your brand.

9. With Instagram Marketing, you will strengthen your relationship with your followers and potential customers.

10. With Instagram Marketing, you will easily learn the likes and dislikes of your customers.

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