Human Computer Interface Course And Certificate

What Is Human Computer Interface?

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is a multi-disciplinary field of study concentrating on the design of computer technology and, essentially on the interaction between humans (which is the users) and computers. While being primarily concerned with computers. The field of Human Computer Interface has since expanded to cover almost all kinds of information technology (IT) design.

Human Computer Interface was known in the past as the studies of man and machine or the study of the interaction between man and machine. It deals with the design, execution and assessment of computer systems and its related events and cases that are for human use.

Human Computer Interface can be used in all disciplines and fields wherever there is a likelihood of a computer being installed on. Human Computer Interface, when applied in the field of Computer Science, is used for application design and engineering. In the field of psychology, it is used for the application of theories and analytical purposes, in the field of sociology, it is used for the interaction between technology and organization, finally, it is applied in the field of industrial design for the developments of interactive products such as mobile phones, smart fridge, etc.

The present leading organization in the world in Human Communication Interface is ACM − SIGCHI, and this stands for the Association for Computer Machinery − Special Interest Group on Computer–Human Interaction. SIGCHI describes the study of Computer Science to be the core discipline of Human Computer Interactions.

Features And Of Human Computer Interface

There are four basic features of Human Computer Interface and they are:

1. Command Line Interface: The Command-line interface (CLI) is a text-based Human Computer Interface that is used to manage and operate software and operating systems while letting the user to react to visual prompts by typing in single commands into the interface and getting back a reply in the same way. A CLI allows its user to execute specific tasks by entering commands. Its working model is very easy, but it does not have a user-friendly interface.

2. Menu Driven Interface: This type of interface allows you to interact with a computer or an electronic device by working your way through a series of screens or menus. For example, your iPod or mobile phone both use a menu-driven interface. You are first presented with a menu, then you make a choice and then the next menu appears on the screen.

3. Graphical User Interface: A graphical user interface (GUI) is a computer interface with which a user interacts with an electronic devices such as computers, hand-held devices, and other appliances. This interface makes use of icons, menus, and other visual indicators or graphical representations to show information and related user controls, not like in text-based interfaces, where the data and commands are entered and displayed just in text. GUI representations are managed by a pointing device such as a mouse, stylus, trackball or a human finger on a touch screen device.

4. Natural Language Interface: Natural-language user interface (LUI or NLUI) is a kind of computer to human interface where linguistic happenings such as phrases, verbs, and clauses act as UI controls for creating, selecting and editting data in software applications.

Benefits And Advantages Of Human Computer Interface

There are Lots of benefits and advantages of Human Computer Interface and some of them are:

1. HCI allows you to interact with the computer system.

2. HCI brings about productivity.

3. HCI brings about collaboration.

4. HCI lets you see errors from your inputs in the computer.

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