What is Firebase?

Firebase is a web and mobile application development platform that was developed by Firebase Inc in 2011. It was later acquired by Google in 2014. As of October 2018, the Firebase platform has published about 18 products, which are used by over 1.5 million applications.

Firebase emerged from Envolve, which is a prior startup that was founded by James Tamplin and Andrew Lee in 2011. Envolve offered software developers an API that allows for the integration of online chat functionality into their websites. After publishing the chat service online, Lee and Tamplin who were the founders of Evolve discovered that it was being used to send application data that weren't chatting messages. Software developers were using Envolve to sync various data in their applications such as the state of their game in real-time across their users. lee and Tamplin then elected to separate the chat system from the real-time architecture that it depends on it. They established Firebase as a separate company in September 2011, and it was released to the public in April 2012.

The first product of Firebase was the Firebase Real-time Database, which is an API that synchronizes the application data across multiple platforms such as Android, IOS, and Web devices, and keeps the data on Firebase's cloud. The product helps software developers in developing real-time, collaborative software applications. In October 2017, Firebase released the Cloud Firestore, which is a realtime document database as the replacement product to the original Firebase Realtime Database.

Firebase presents developers with both a realtime database and a backend as a service. The service provides application developers with an API that allows their application data to be synchronized across all their client's devices and stored on Firebase's cloud. The company presents client libraries that allows for integration with Android, iOS, JavaScript, Objective-C, Java, Swift, and Node.js software applications. The database is also made accessible through a REST API and application wrappers for various JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, React JS, React Mobile, Ember.js and Backbone.js. The REST API makes use of the Server-Sent Events protocol, which is an API for implementing HTTP connections for getting push notifications from a web server. Developers who are using the realtime database can secure their data by using the server-side-enforced security rules of Firebase.

Features of Firebase

There are many features of Firebase that make it beloved by developers, Below are some of them:

1. Google Analytics Implementation for Firebase.

2. Firebase Performance Monitoring

3. Fabric.

4. Digits.

5. Firebase Cloud Hosting services.

6. Firebase Cloud Storage services.

7. Firebase Realtime Database services.

8. Firebase Test Lab for testing android applications.

9. Fastlane.

Benefits of Firebase

There are lots of benefits and advantages of Firebase and some of them are:

1. Firebase offers an application Hosting service which comes both with a free tier and moderate pricing.

2. Authentication with Firebase is very easy because it has a lot of built-in reusable components and wrappers for authentications.

3. Firebase has an integrated Cloud Messaging feature.

4. Firebase has a Test Lab for testing android devices.

5. Firebase has an inbuilt notification feature that lets you use various notifications features like push notifications, etc

6. Firebase allows you to easily send customized inapplication invites to people.

7. Crash Reporting is implemented by default to let users send accurate reports of application crashes, this info is then used by the developer to provide a fix.

8. Firebase provides developers with a Real-time database.

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