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What Is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is one of the most popular and free social networking platform that lets its registered users to create their online profiles, upload various photos and video, send messages and generally keep in touch with their friends, family, colleagues and make new friends.

Facebook Marketing here refers to the process of creating and actively using a Facebook page as a direct communications channel to promote, reach, engage and maintain contacts with potential and current customers. Facebook actively gives you a platform to do this by allowing its users to create individual profiles or pages for their business, companies, organizations, or any group or person that is attempting to develop a fan base for a product, service, or to create awareness for a brand.

Making use of  Facebook as your primary digital marketing strategy is, without any uncertainty, one of the most reliable ways to connect and grow a huge and targeted social following online. Being one of the largest social media networking platforms, Facebook provides knowledgeable insights into its users’ interests, personal life, likes, dislikes, and buying behavior. This huge database of knowledgeable insights can be tapped into by your business or organization to create and generate high-quality leads, sales inquiries, and traffic to your website.

The most important feature of Facebook Marketing is its consistency of communication. Creating a Facebook page and then leaving it without consistently updating it will amount to nothing in your marketing campaign. To attract fans and potential customers, a business needs to regularly post new content, while employing new techniques to keep the readers intrigued so that more people will see and share the page. Content can basically be an announcement of upcoming promotions, share fun facts, spot-light specific products or people, provide incentive codes for discounts on products and services, and anything else that will catch the fancy and interest of fans.

Features of Facebook Marketing

There are lots of features of Facebook Marketing and some of them are:

1. Marketplace: Facebook provides a marketplace for its users to search, read and respond to its highly classified ads.

2. Groups: Facebook has various group chats that are created by its users to allow members who have common interests to find each other and interact and this plays a vital role in facebook Marketing because marketers can create posts in the groups or comment on an existing post that has a wide reach.

3. Pages: Facebook pages here is the most important feature of Facebook marketing, it allows members to create and promote a public page that is built around a specific topic or a product. Marketers can utilize this feature to create ads that can be viewed by a large targeted audience.

4. Website Conversion Campaigns: Facebook allows you to carry out website conversion campaigns to direct organic traffic from your page or from your ads to your website

5. Interest Targeting: With a Facebook Marketing campaign, you can target customers who has an interest in your product or what you are offering rather than just creating marketing campaigns and hoping to meet interested people.

6. Video Ads: Another important feature of Facebook Marketing is the introduction of video ads. With Facebook video ads, you can use a high quality and compelling video as your marketing campaign.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

There are lots of Benefits and Advantages that you will get from facebook marketing, some of them are listed below.

1. With Facebook Marketting you will have increased exposure to potential customers.

2. Facebook Advertising lets you gather more leads.

3. With Facebook Advertising, you will lower Your Marketing expenses.

4. Facebook Advertising lets you reach a targeted audience.

5. Facebook Advertising will help to increase Your Websites Traffic.

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