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What is Digital Communication?

Communication is the transmission of information from a sender to a receiver through some medium. Communication enables us to know what is happening around us. It helps us to know what is happening around us. A person can chat with his or her distant relatives over the phone and thus the medium of communication is the telephone. Digital communication refers to any exchange of data that transmits the data in a digital form. For example, communications done over the Internet is a form of digital communication.

In order to fully understand the idea of digitalizing information, it must first be noted that everything we have in nature, which includes the sounds and images we wish to record or transmit, is originally analog. The other thing to note is that the analog communication worked very well. In fact, a first-generation recording with an analog device can be a better representation of the original images than a first-generation recording with a digital device. This is because the digital is an encoded approximation of the analog.

Our day to day communication is in the form of signals. These signals, for example, sound signals, generally, are analog in nature. When the communication needs to be established over a distance, then the analog signals are sent through, using different techniques for effective transmission.

The regular methods of communication made use of analog signals for communications, which had a lot of disadvantages such as interference, distortion and other losses including lots of security breaches. In order to solve these problems, the signals are digitized using different techniques. The digitized signals allow communication to be more clear and accurate without errors.

Features And Characteristics Of Digital Communication

Below are some features and characteristics of digital communication:

1.Speed: One of the important features of digital communication is that it is very fast, in the past, to send a message to someone over a far distance takes a long time, but now with digital communication, you send that message in less than a second.

2.File sharing: Digital communication allows you to transfer more than just writing, with digital communications, you can transfer files likes videos, images, voice records, gifs, emojis and a whole lot more, thereby making communication more interesting and efficient. Also, instead of going to a distance to deliver software or a document, you could just scan it and send it instantly.

3.Location Independent: Digital communication is location independent that is, we can communicate with someone not minding his or her current location as opposed to analog communication.

5.Portability: Digital communication makes communication to be “on the go”, we no longer need to go a distance to the post office to mail a letter to someone when we have a device in our pocket that we can use to easily deliver such message.

Benefits Of Digital Communication

As signals are digitalized, there are lots of advantages of digital communications over analog communication such as:

  1. Digital circuits are more reliable than analog.

  2. Digital circuits are easy to design and cheaper than analog circuits.

  3. The hardware implementation of digital circuits are more flexible than that of analog.

  4. The existence of cross-talk is very hard to find in digital communication.

  5. The signal is un-changed as the pulse needs a high disturbance to change its properties, which is very difficult.

  6. Some signal processing functions such as encryption and compression are used in digital circuits to maintain the secrecy of the information.

  7. The probability of error occurrence coming up is reduced by using error detecting and error-correcting codes.

  8. A spread spectrum technique is used to avoid signal jamming.

  9. The configuration process of digital signals is easier than analog signals.

  10. Digital signals can be easily saved and brought up more conveniently than analog signals.

  11. The capacity of the channel is effectively used by digital signals.


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