Business Analytics Course And Certification

What is Business Analytics? 

Business Analytics is the combination of skills, technologies, tools, applications and processes used by organizations to gain insight into their operations based on data and statistics to drive business planning and growth. 

In today's global competitive environment, there is an ever-increasing need for advanced information and decision support systems. The profitability and the overall business can be managed better with access to predictive tools to predict, even approximately, the market prices of raw materials used in production, for instance. Business Analytics involves among others, quantitative techniques, statistics, data and analysis tools, and econometric models. 

Business Analytics is a mixture of Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Computer Programming. It is the science of analyzing data to find out patterns that will be helpful in developing strategies. Its usage can be found in almost every industry.

Benefits of Business Analytics: 

There are a lot of benefits businesses gain from business analytics, here are some of them:

Analytics Encourages Smart Decision-Making: Accessibility to useful and meaningful data gives companies the power to make accurate decisions that could leverage businesses. Not only that business analytics provide useful data, but it also allows companies to make decisions faster and more efficiently than ever before. companies can increase the use of analytics when they share the discussion with as many employees as needed.

Analytics Helps Companies Avoid Being Left Behind: Business analytics can help companies to remain in the game and not get left behind. Using analytics allows businesses to create rolling forecasts of the business and of the market. These create valuable knowledge and analysis into what’s happening both internally and externally. Staying updated on the latest new forecasts can spark innovative ideas, bringing more reaches to a company's brand. Improving processes paves the way of releasing innovative new products, services, and information. And that can help a company charge ahead of its competition.

Analytics Provides Clearer Insights Through Data Visualization: Recent analytics tools care about how you present your data to your company analytics team. really detailed charts and graphs can be used to make sure that decision-making is more interesting. Through visual representations of extracted data, relevant and useful insights can be extracted in a much clearer way. With analytics data visualization tools, information that you need about your market is there on your table, Shown to you in a visually enticing and organized manner.

Analytics Offer Efficiency: Business efficiency has been improving a lot since the rise of business analytics, with the power to gather a large amount of data at a fast rate and present it in a compelling way, businesses can now make accurate decisions to help achieve set goals, Business Analytics also promote teamwork where staffs are able to express their thoughts and ideas in the decision-making process. 

Increased Performance: Business Analytics can positively push business performance beyond executive experience or plain intuition.

Efficient Tracking: Business Analytics makes tracking and monitoring business processes extremely efficient and seamless, thereby allowing companies to handle even the most complex of business operations with ease.

Features of Business Analytics: 

There are a lot of features of Business Analytics, below are 6 features that an analytics tool for business analytics must have:

Easy to use interface: It should allow the user to carry out analytical operations on an easy to use and understand interface without the use of coding or programming.

Ready to Consume Insights: In today’s fast-paced business environment when a delay of seconds can dispel your customers, the tool should be able to deliver ready to consume business intelligence.

Ready To Use Insights: In today’s fast-moving business environment, a delay of seconds can make your customer to leave, the tool should be able to deliver ready to use business insights.

Easy to Share: It should have easy and controllable sharing capabilities to deliver insights over the network in a large user environment.

Extensible Analytics: It should be extensible to enable customized analytics and new modules development for the changing business needs.

Accommodate Support: It should Accommodate integration to other analytics or data visualization tools so as to enable seamless movement and compatibility of data to and fro. 

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Business Analytics with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge and competence. 

Business Analytics Course Outline: 

Business Analytics - Introduction to Business Analytics

Business Analytics - Selecting, Filtering, and Sorting

Business Analytics - Formulas

Business Analytics - Unions and Joins

Business Analytics - Aggregation

Business Analytics - Crosstabs and Transposing

Business Analytics - Contingency Table

Business Analytics - Measures of Distribution

Business Analytics - Measures of Variation

Business Analytics - Distribution Visualization

Business Analytics - Normal Distribution

Business Analytics - Kurtosis and Asymmetrical distribution

Business Analytics - Sampling Basics

Business Analytics - Bivariate Data and Correlation

Business Analytics - Information Theory and Entropy

Business Analytics - Analytical Reports

Business Analytics - Automation and Regression

Business Analytics - T-Distribution  

Business Analytics - Logistic Regression 

Business Analytics - Statistical Error 

Business Analytics - Hypothesis Testing 

Business Analytics - Correlation 

Business Analytics - Discrete Distribution: Binomial 

Business Analytics - Continuous Distribution: Normal 

Business Analytics - Central Limit theorem 

Business Analytics - Basic Probability 

Business Analytics - Variable Types

Business Analytics - Exams and Certification

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