What is Biometrics? 

Biometrics is an information technology branch that seeks to create a private trait-based identity. The term "Biometrics" consists of two phrases: "Bio" (Greek word for life) and "Metrics."  

Biometrics is currently a buzzword in the information security domain as it offers a high degree of precision in an individual's identification. 

Biometrics is a technology that identifies, analyzes and measures the physical and behavioral characteristics of an individual. 

Advantages of Biometrics: 

1. It is difficult to fake or steal, unlike to passwords.

2. It offers convenience and efficiency.

3. It helps to save cost.

4. Are non-transferable.

5. Templates have less storage to take up.

6. It offers higher return on investment.

7. It offers privacy and more reliable.

Features of Biometrics: 

Accurate Accountability and Identification: Biometric systems makes your identity more precise, reducing your likelihood of unwanted breaches. Access is given with this sort of security system not by passwords or smart cards, but by biological features such as iris scans or fingerprints that are hard to duplicate or forge. 

Reliability: is a psychological word which is the capacity to rely on someone or something. It improves the reliability of human identification when it comes to biometrics technology because of its unforgettable, non-transferable and robust safety characteristics.

Scalability: Modern technology of biometrics is extremely scalable. Various dimensions and settings have a solution. This technology advancement promotes the scale of its use in all industries and also makes it accessible for personal use.

Efficiency: by making its workforce more precise, reliable, productive and timely, biometric technology improves organisational effectiveness.

Productivity: Biometrics technology improves accountability by accurately tracking the motion and operations of staff. It makes the worker give his greatest effort knowing that all his / her contribution counts, which improves the organization's general productivity.

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Biometrics with Certification upon successful completion of the exams. 

Biometrics Course Outline: 

Biometrics - Introduction/Overview

Biometrics - Modalities

Biometrics - Physiological Modalities

Biometrics - Behavioral Modalities

Biometrics - Voice Recognition

Biometrics - Multimodal Biometric Systems

Biometrics - Modality Selection

Biometrics - System Performance

Biometrics - Pattern Recognition & Biometrics

Biometrics - Signal Processing & Biometrics

Biometrics - Image Processing

Biometrics - System Security

Biometrics - Exams and Certification

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