Amazon Web Services Course And Certification

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services mostly abbreviated as AWS is Amazon’s cloud web hosting platform that presents developers and the general public with a more flexible, reliable, easily scalable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solutions. With the Cloud Directory, you can generate directories of files for a variety of use cases, such as course catalogs, device registries, and organizational charts. While conventional and traditional directory solutions, such as Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) and other directories that are based on LDAP, limit you to a single hierarchy, Cloud Directory presents and offers you the flexibility to create directories that have hierarchies which span multiple dimensions. For example, you can design an organizational chart that can be operated through separate hierarchies for reporting structure, cost center, and location.

Amazon Cloud Directory gives you an extensible database schema, that is designed to be shared across software applications. You can define your application-specific collections of attributes, so applications can further extend the database schemas safely without the risk of impacting other applications.

Amazon Cloud Directory automatically balances and scales to hundreds of millions of data objects. As a fully-managed service, Cloud Directory takes down the time-consuming and expensive administrative tasks, such as scaling the project infrastructure and managing web servers. You would just simply define the database schema, create a directory, and then populate your directory by making API calls to the Cloud Directory API.

Features of Amazon Web Services

There are many features of Amazon Web services and some of them are:

1. Powerful data and relationship management: Amazon Cloud Directory is developed to handle and manage multiple hierarchies of data directories. You can define data attributes for objects and relationships, create multiple database schemas, and set custom inheritance rules for your directory.

2. Flexible schema management: Amazon Cloud Directory’s flexible schema management enables you to extend your directory schema as required. You can add several separate attributes to directory objects and relationships. Multiple software applications can independently extend the database schema. This allows the applications to share a single directory and avoid duplication of the data.

3. Fully-managed infrastructure: As a fully-managed software service, Cloud Directory eradicates several time-consuming and expensive administrative tasks, such as managing servers and scaling infrastructures. You would simply define the database schema, create a directory, and then populate your directory by making calls to the Cloud Directory API.

4. Searching across objects and relationships: The Amazon Cloud Directory offers developers built-in search capabilities for looking up directory objects and relationships. Searching large data sets of highly linked together data has regularly required a more complex and computationally expensive queries. With the Cloud Directory’s built-in search capabilities, you can search for all the parent data objects together with a dimension without creating more than one nested query.

5. Built-in data encryption: The amazon Cloud Directory automatically encrypts the application data at rest and in transit by using a 256-bit encryption key which is managed by the AWS Key Management Service (KMS).

Benefits of Amazon Web Services

below are some of the benefits of AWS:

1. Amazon Web Services is more comprehensive.

2. Amazon Web Services is cost-Effective.

3. Amazon Web Services is very flexible

4. Top security in AWS is a primary feature.

5. Amazon Web Services brings about more enhanced productivity.

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