Agile Testing Course And Certification

What is Agile Testing? 

Agile Testing is the software testing procedures that follows the rules of agile software development. It can also be defined as testing software for defects or issues rapidly or within the context of agile and giving quick feedback for further and better development of the project.

The entire members of a cross-functional agile team is needed in Agile Testing with special expertise contributed by testers in order to guarantee software quality and value as desired or demanded by the customer as at needed. 

Features and Benefits of Agile Testing: 

1. Agile Testing saves time and money

2. Agile testing reduces documentation

3. It is flexible and highly adaptable to changes

3. It provides a way for receiving regular feedback from the end user

4. It provides better determination of issues and solution through daily meetings

5. Agile Testing is continuous 

6. It offers continuous feedback 

7. Agile Tests is performed by the whole team 

8. It decreases time of feedback response 

9. Simplified & clean code  

10. Less documentation

11. Provides job opportunity.

Agile Development shows that testing is not a separate phase, but an essential part of software development, together with coding. Agile teams use a "whole-team" system to "baking quality in" to the software product. Testers on agile teams provide their expertise in extracting examples of desired behavior from customers, cooperating with the development team to turn those into executable specifications that guide coding. 

Testing and coding are basically done increasingly and interactively, creating and improving each feature until it provides an adequate amount of value to release to production. Agile testing covers all types of testing. The Agile Testing Quadrants gives a helpful taxonomy to help teams recognize and plan the testing needed. On the contrary to other methodologies, Agile Testing concentrates on repairing faults immediately, rather than waiting for the end of the project. 

In the Full course you will learn everything you need to know about Agile Testing with Certification upon successful completion of the exams. 

Agile Testing Course Outline: 

Agile Testing - Introduction/Overview

Agile Testing - Methodologies

Agile Testing - Tester in Team

Agile Testing - Tracking Activities

Agile Testing - Significant Attributes

Agile Testing - Quadrants

Agile Testing - Scrum

Agile Testing - Methods

Agile Testing - Techniques

Agile Testing - Workproducts

Agile Testing - Kanban

Agile Testing - Tools

Agile Testing - Exams and Certification

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