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  • 23 Dec, 2019

    SAP CCA Course And Certification

    What is SAP CCA? SAP CCA which is the acronym for SAP Cost Center Accounting is a product of the sap business suite that is used to perform Controlling activities in an Organization. In any business or organization, the cost that is incurred to carry out certain activities should be made open and transparent. By using the SAP Cost Center Accounting software solution, you can carry out a highly profitable analysis of each functional area and help all cost to be assigned to a source. With SAP CCA.

  • 23 Dec, 2019

    SAP C4C Course And Certification

    What is SAP C4C? SAP C4C which is the acronym for SAP Cloud for Customer is a software as a service (SaaS) platform for use in the sales and service department of an organization. The platform is made up of SAP Cloud for Service and SAP Cloud for Sales, which are both marketed as different products by the SAP company. SAP Cloud for Customer is developed to run on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP). It is made available on a per-user subscription basis. SAP said it developed SAP C4C with a mobil.

  • 23 Dec, 2019

    Material Design Course And Certification

    What is Material Design? Material Design (nicknamed Quantum Paper) is a User Interface design language that was developed by Google in 2014. It further expands on the "card" design that was released in the Google Now application, Material Design makes use of more grid-based layouts, padding, responsive animations and transitions, and various depth effects such as lighting and shadows. Material Design will steadily be extended throughout Google's list of mobile products and web products, theref.

  • 21 Dec, 2019

    MVC Framework Course And Certification

    What is MVC Framework? MVC framework which is the acronym for Model View Controller is an architectural pattern that divides a software application into three main logical components which are, the model, the view, and the controller. Each of these components of the application is designed to manage a specific development area of an application. MVC is one of the most popularly and frequently used industry-standard web development frameworks that is used to create highly scalable and extensible.

  • 21 Dec, 2019

    Phalcon Course And Certification

    What is Phalcon? Phalcon is an open-source, full-stack, software development framework for PHP developers, that was written as an extension of C. Phalcon is optimized for developing high performance web apps and software. Its unique software architecture allows the framework to always be free of memory issues, presenting its functionality whenever it is needed, without the expensive file stats and file reads that regular PHP frameworks make use of. Phalcon is a PHP web framework that is develo.

  • 21 Dec, 2019

    PhantomJS Course And Certification

    What is PhantomJS? PhantomJS is assumed to be a headless web browser because it has no involvement with the browser while executing the client-side JavaScript code. The execution of the program will not be displayed in any browser window, but just on the command line prompt. The various functionalities like handling of CSS, JSON, Ajax, DOM Manipulation, SVG, Canvas, etc, will all be handled at the command prompt. PhantomJS does not come with a Graphical User Interface, therefore, all of its exe.

  • 20 Dec, 2019

    SAP MM Course And Certification

    What is SAP MM? SAP MM which is the acronym for SAP Materials Management is a module that is in the SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) that is used to provide companies and manufacturers with materials, inventory systems together with other warehouse management features. The primary goal of the SAP MM module is to ensure sure that production materials are always kept in fitting quantities and that there are no shortages or gaps in the organization's supply chain. It also helps supply chain profess.

  • 20 Dec, 2019

    SAP Lumira Course And Certification

    What is SAP Lumira? SAP which was previously known as SAP Visual Intelligence is a data visualization, self-service software application for business users. SAP Lumira developed out of the SAP Business Explorer, which was the company's past, but more basic, and self-service tool for data visualization. According to SAP, the two products are meant to go hand-in-hand. For example, data analysts who are using SAP Lumira can change their  data structures and correlations in whichever way they .

  • 20 Dec, 2019

    SAP IDT Course And Certification

    What is SAP IDT? SAP IDT which is the acronym of SAP Information Design Tool is a SAP Business Objects metadata design environment that extracts, defines, manipulate, and modify metadata from both relational and OLAP sources to generate and deploy SAP Business Objects universes. SAP IDT is a Business Objects design tool that extracts the data from several other data sources by using an OLAP and Relational connection to design and develop Universes. There are several other Universe parameters t.

  • 19 Dec, 2019

    PHP Course and Certification

    What is PHP? PHP: PHP full meaning is Hypertext Preprocessor Language - a server-side programming language. MYSQL full meaning is My Structured Query Language - a database framework language. PHP started as a small open source project and first version was unleashed by a man called Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994. Features and Benefits of PHP/MySQL:  1. It is cross platform and dynamic 2. It is easy to connect to database 3. It is easy to write and deploy 4. It i.

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