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  • 28 Dec, 2019

    Typescript Course And Certification

    What is Typescript? TypeScript is an open-source, multi-purpose software programming language that is developed and maintained by Microsoft. It is a strict syntactical superset of the JavaScript programming language and it adds an optional static typing to the language. TypeScript is developed for the design and development of large scale software applications and it trans-compiles into vanilla JavaScript. As TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, already existing JavaScript programs are also.

  • 27 Dec, 2019

    VBScript Course And Certification

    What is VBScript? VBScript is a computer programming & scripting language that is general-purpose and lightweight. It was developed by Microsoft and it is designed based on Visual Basic. This language is originally used to develop web applications and for automation use-cases. It comes integrated with the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and it can also be used for web server-side scripting in the Microsoft Internet Information Service. VBScript works comparable to JavaScript when it is.

  • 27 Dec, 2019

    Amazon Web Services Course And Certification

    What is Amazon Web Services? Amazon Web Services mostly abbreviated as AWS is Amazon’s cloud web hosting platform that presents developers and the general public with a more flexible, reliable, easily scalable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solutions. With the Cloud Directory, you can generate directories of files for a variety of use cases, such as course catalogs, device registries, and organizational charts. While conventional and traditional directory solutions, such as Active Direc.

  • 27 Dec, 2019

    Swift Course And Certification

    What is Swift? Swift is a multi-paradigm, all-purpose, compiled computer programming language that is developed by Apple Inc. for iPadOS, iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, Linux, and z/OS. Swift is designed and developed to work with Apple's Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks and the large body of pre-existing Objective-C code that is written for Apple software products. Swift is built with the open-source LLVM compiler framework and it has been included in Xcode since its 6th version, it was released i.

  • 26 Dec, 2019

    Jython Course And Certification

    What is Jython? Jython is the Java Virtual Machine implementation of the Python programming language. Jython was developed to run on the Java platform. A Jython software program can import and use any classes that are in Java. Just as Java, Jython source codes compiles to java bytecode. One of the main benefit of Jython is that a user interface that is designed in Python can make use of GUI elements of AWT, Swing or SWT Package. The Jython project was started as JPython and later, the name was.

  • 26 Dec, 2019

    MongoDB Couse And Certification

    What is MongoDB? MongoDB is a NoSQL, document-oriented database that is used for storing high volumes of data. MongoDB is a database that was developed in the mid-2000s. It is grouped under the category of a NoSQL database system. MongoDB stores the data that is entered in a flexible document that is JSON-like, meaning that fields can vary from document to document and the data structure can be modified and changed over time. The document model in the database maps to the objects in your appli.

  • 26 Dec, 2019

    MS SQL Server Course And Certification

    What is MS SQL Server? MS SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that was developed and is managed by Microsoft. This product is developed for the basic function of storing and retrieving data as required by other software applications. It can be either run on the same computer or on another computer across a network. MS SQL Server buffers pages in the computer RAM to minimize disk input and output. Any 8-kilobyte page can be buffered in the ram, and the group of all the.

  • 24 Dec, 2019

    Industrial Safety Engineering Course And Certification

    What is Industrial Safety Engineering? Industrial Safety Engineering is a discipline in engineering that makes sure that industrial engineered systems operate with an acceptable level of safety. It is directly related to systems engineering, industrial engineering, and subset system of safety engineering. Safety engineering makes sure that a life-critical system operates as needed, even when system components fail. The main aim of this course is to equip engineering students and personnel with .

  • 24 Dec, 2019

    Printing Technology Course And Certification

    What is Printing Technology? Printing is defined as the process of reproducing images, shapes, and texts by using a master template or form. The earliest non-paper products that involves printing include objects such as the Cyrus Cylinder, cylinder seals and the Cylinders of Nabonidus. The earliest known kind of printing as implemented on paper was woodblock printing, which first appeared in China before 220 AD. Succeeding developments in the areas of Printing Technology brought about the devel.

  • 24 Dec, 2019

    SAP EWM Course And Certification

    What is SAP EWM? SAP EWM which is the acronym for SAP Extended Warehouse Management is part of the SAP Supply Chain Management that is like the SAP Warehouse Management System, but it offers more advanced and robust features to manage important activities in a warehouse. SAP EWM is used to efficiently control the inventory system in a Warehouse and for supporting the processing of goods and services. SAP EWM allows any company to manage its Warehouse’s outbound and inbound processes and t.

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