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  • 9 Jan, 2020

    SAP Scripts Course And Certification

    What is SAP Scripts? SAP script is the SAP Software System's own text-processing system. It comes with the looks and feels of other leading text-processing software systems. It is used to generate an already formatted text in pre-formatted forms. To produce an output of documents by using the programming interface, SAP software application programs need a so-called layout set (which is a kind of form). In the SAP script, a layout set represents the layout of the individual print pages and it m.

  • 9 Jan, 2020

    SAP Smart Forms Course And Certification

    What is SAP Smart Forms? SAP Smart Forms is a unique feature that is implemented in the SAP software system for generating and printing of forms, and to distribute or send those generated forms over the Internet, Printer, Email or to a Fax machine. This is made up of Forms from several other SAP Modules such as SAP Customer Relationship Management(CRM), SAP Sales and Distribution(SAP SD), SAP Human Resource Management(SAP HR) or any other software module that is found in the SAP ERP System. The.

  • 8 Jan, 2020

    Holography Technology Course And Certification

    What is Holography Technology? A Hologram is defined as a physical structure that makes use of various diffraction of light to make an image, the produced image can emerge as a three-dimensional object. Holography is simply defined as the science and practice of making holograms. basically, a hologram is a detailed and photogenic recording of a captured light field, rather than an image that is produced by a device without a lens. The Holographic Medium, for example, the object that is generat.

  • 8 Jan, 2020

    Food Technology Course And Certification

    What is Food Technology? Food Technology is a science that deals with the various techniques and principles that are involved in the processing and preservation the food substances. Food technology is a branch of food science that is involved with the various production processes to develop edible products. The application of food science helps in producing more safer, nutritious and wholesome food products. The study of food technology is used to develop new systems and methods for keeping fo.

  • 7 Jan, 2020

    SAP SCM Course And Certification

    What is SAP SCM? SAP SCM which is the acronym for SAP Supply Chain Management is one of the core modules in the SAPenterprise tool. SAP SCM covers all the areas of SAP production planning, SAP business forecasting, and SAP demand planning. It manages and controls the flow of products and information across the organizations that it is used in. SAP SCM allows the business organizations to carry out effective planning and execution of organizational logistics that is within the supply network an.

  • 7 Jan, 2020

    SAP QM Course And Certification

    What is SAP QM? SAP QM which is the acronym for SAP Quality Management is a major part of the SAP R/3 system and it is integrated into other modules of SAP like Production Planning (PP), SAP Material Management (MM), and SAP Plant Maintenance (PM). SAP QM is an indivisible part of the SAP logistics management of an organization and it is used to carry out quality functions such as quality assurance, quality planning, and quality control, at several stages such as at the incoming material stage,.

  • 7 Jan, 2020

    SAP PP Course And Certification

    What is SAP PP? SAP PP which is the acronym for SAP Production Planning is one of the components of the SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) that is used to help businesses and organizations to organize and outline the manufacturing, sales, and distribution of goods and services in the business. The activities of SAP PP involves the planning of the raw material requirements for production, routings, bill of material(BOM), and capacity planning. Everything in the SAP PP module rotates around the mas.

  • 6 Jan, 2020

    SAP PI Course And Certification

    What is SAP PI? SAP PI which is the acronym for SAP Process Integration is an integration platform that provides easy and seamless integration between various SAP and non-SAP software applications that are within the business organization A2A (Application to Application) or even for applications that are outside the organization B2B (Business to Business). SAP Process Integration is a major part of the SAP NetWeaver platform. It is referred to as the SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure XI in.

  • 6 Jan, 2020

    SAP Netweaver Course And Certification

    What is SAP Netweaver? SAP NetWeaver is a product of the SAP SE software company SAP SE, and the technical foundation for many SAP software applications. It is a solution application stack of SAP products. The SAP NetWeaver Application Server which is in some cases referred to as SAP WebAS is the application runtime environment of various SAP applications, and all of the mySAP Business Suite which runs on the SAP WebAS: customer relationship management (CRM), supplier relationship management (S.

  • 6 Jan, 2020

    SAP GRC Course And Certification

    What is SAP GRC? GRC which is the acronym for Governance, risk management, and compliance is three related phases that strive to guarantee that an organization certainly achieves its objectives, solves uncertainty and works with integrity. Governance is the mixture of processes that are established and administered by the directors (or the board of directors) that are displayed in the organization's structure and how it is maintained and driven toward achieving business goals. Risk management .

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