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  • 13 Jan, 2020

    GPRS Course And Certification

    What is GPRS? GPRS which is the acronym for General Packet Radio Service is defined as a packet-oriented mobile data standard that runs only on the 2G and 3G cellular network communication and Global System for Mobile communications (GSM). GPRS was established by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in immediate response to the earlier network technologies like the CDPD and i-mode packet-switched cellular network technologies. It is now managed and maintained by the 3rd Ge.

  • 13 Jan, 2020

    Postman Course And Certification

    What is Postman? To understand what the Postman client is, we first understand what API is. API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which defines how one component of an application should communicate with the other. It is made up of a set of protocols, routines, and tools for developing software applications. API Testing is a kind of software testing that requires the testing of the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) directly and as a component of integration testing .

  • 13 Jan, 2020

    JIRA Course And Certificate

    What is JIRA? JIRA is a software tool that was developed by the Australian Company "Atlassian". It is utilized for tracking bugs, issues, and for the management of projects. The name "JIRA" was originally inherited from the Japanese word "Gojira" which means "Godzilla". The basic use of this software tool is to keep track of issues and bugs that are related to your software and Mobile application. It is also used for project management. The JIRA dashboard is made up of many useful functions an.

  • 11 Jan, 2020

    Jenkins Course And Certification

    What is Jenkins? Jenkins is an open-source, and free service that is used for the automation of the software development process. Jenkins helps to automate the non-human element of the process of software development, with continuous integration and promoting the technical areas of continuous software delivery. Jenkins is a server-based software system that runs in servlet containers such as Apache Tomcat. It supports various version control tools, which are CVS, AccuRev, Subversion, Mercurial,.

  • 11 Jan, 2020

    PL/SQL Course And Certification

    What is PL/SQL? PL/SQL is an extension of SQL which is the acronym for Structured Query Language that is utilized in Oracle. Unlike SQL, PL/SQL lets the software programmer write their code in a procedural format. The full form of PL/SQL is "Procedural Language extensions to SQL". PL/SQL joins together the data manipulation power that is present in SQL with the processing power that is made possible with procedural language to create a super-powerful SQL query. PL/SQL involves instructing the .

  • 11 Jan, 2020

    HBase Course And Certification

    What is HBase? HBase is a column-oriented, distributed database that is built on top of the Hadoop file system. It is an open-source software project and it is also horizontally scalable. HBase is a data model that is very comparable to Google’s big table that was designed to provide quick and random access to huge volumes of structured data. It makes use of the fault tolerance that is provided by the Hadoop File System (HDFS). HBase is a part of the Hadoop ecosystem that offers random .

  • 10 Jan, 2020

    Tableau Course And Certificate

    What is Tableau? Tableau is a powerful and fast-growing data visualization tool that is employed in the Business Intelligence Industry. It helps in analyzing and simplifying raw data into a very understandable format. Carrying out data analysis is very fast with Tableau and the visualizations that are produced are in the form of worksheets and dashboards. The data that is produced by Tableau can be understood by the specialist at any level in an organization. It even enables a non-technical us.

  • 10 Jan, 2020

    DevOps Course And Certification

    What is DevOps? DevOps is a development culture that enhances and promotes the collaboration between the Development and Operations Team to deploy codes to production faster in a repeatable and automated way. The word 'DevOps' is a combination of two words which are 'development' and 'operations.' DevOps serves to increase an organization's speed to deliver software applications and services. It allows businesses and organizations to serve their customers better and to compete with their marke.

  • 10 Jan, 2020

    Cassandra Course And Certification

    What is Cassandra? Cassandra is a distributed database system that developed and managed by  Apache that is highly scalable and developed to manage very large amounts of well organized and structured data. It presents developers with high availability and no single point of failure. Apache Cassandra is a very powerful and open-source distributed database system that works very well to manage and handle huge volumes of database records that are spread across several commodity servers. It c.

  • 9 Jan, 2020

    Hive Course And Certification

    What is Hive? Hive is defined as a data warehouse infrastructure tool that is used to process data that is structured in Hadoop. It lives on top of Hadoop to abstract Big Data and makes querying and analyzing of the data warehouse very easy. Hive is not a relational database system and that is why it is not suitable for online transaction processing and real-time queries with row-level updates. Hive is designed and developed for carrying out online analytical processing or OLAP. It further pre.

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