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  • 7 Dec, 2019

    jQuery Course And Certification

    What is jQuery? jQuery is a JavaScript library that was developed to make simple the process of traversing and manipulating HTML DOM tree as well as handling of events, CSS animation, and Ajax. jQuery is a free, and open-source software that makes use of the permissive MIT License. As of May 2019, jQuery is estimated to be used by over 73% of the 10 million most popular websites available. Web analysis shows that jQuery is the most widely deployed JavaScript library by a very large margin, havi.

  • 7 Dec, 2019

    Flask Course And Certification

    What is Flask? To find out what is Flask, we first find out what a web application framework is. A Web Application Framework or simply a Web Framework is a collection of modules and libraries that allows a web application developer to develop software applications without having to bother about low-level details such as thread management, Protocols, servers, etc. Flask is a micro web development framework that is developed with Python. It is referred to as a microframework because it does not .

  • 7 Dec, 2019

    Firebase Course And Certification

    What is Firebase? Firebase is a web and mobile application development platform that was developed by Firebase Inc in 2011. It was later acquired by Google in 2014. As of October 2018, the Firebase platform has published about 18 products, which are used by over 1.5 million applications. Firebase emerged from Envolve, which is a prior startup that was founded by James Tamplin and Andrew Lee in 2011. Envolve offered software developers an API that allows for the integration of online chat funct.

  • 6 Dec, 2019

    ES6 Course And Certification

    What is ES6? To understand what ES6 is, we must first find out what Javascript is. Javascript is a scripting language that is primarily used on the Web but it is not limited to the web alone. Javascript is used to add more dynamic features to HTML pages and is usually found embedded inside HTML code. JavaScript is an interpreted language. Therefore, there is no need to be compiled. JavaScript renders web pages in a dynamic and more interactive fashion. This allows the pages to react to events, .

  • 6 Dec, 2019

    PHP 7 Course And Certification

    What is PHP 7? PHP which originally is the acronym for Personal Home Page, but now stands for the more recursive backronym Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a popular object-oriented software programming language that is used to develop dynamic web applications together with connections in MYSQL databases. For a software programming language to be successful, it must be both comfortable and widely accepted by a large number of front end and web developers. PHP is outfitted with many open-source in.

  • 6 Dec, 2019

    Python 3 Course And Certification

    What is Python 3? Python is a multi-purpose interactive, interpreted, object-oriented, and high-level software programming language. It was developed by Guido van Rossum from 1985- 1990. Similar to Perl, the source codes of Python programs are also made available under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The Python Language was named after a TV Show called ëMonty Pythonís Flying Circusí and not after the Python snake. Python 3.0 was published in 2008. Although this version.

  • 5 Dec, 2019

    SAP Payroll Course And Certification

    What is SAP Payroll? A Payroll is a process that is used to calculate the wages and salary of a permanent and temporary employee of a business and organization. Processing of employee payroll is one of the fundamental functions of HR in any organization. SAP Payroll is one of the major modules found in SAP Human Capital Management. SAP Payroll is used to determine the payment for each employee in an organization with respect to the work that is carried out by him. the SAP Payroll software is n.

  • 5 Dec, 2019

    SAP SD Course And Certification

    What is SAP SD? SAP SD which is the acronym for SAP Sales and Distribution is a core functional software module in SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) system that allows businesses and organizations to save, store and manage both customer and product-related data. Businesses and organizations make use of this data to manage all of the sales orders, shipping, product billing, and invoicing of their goods and services. SAP SD is a major part of the SAP ECC's Logistics function and it can be integrat.

  • 5 Dec, 2019

    Basics of Signals and Systems Course And Certification

    What Are The Basics of Signals and Systems? A signal is a representation of how one parameter alternates with another parameter. For example, a voltage varying over time in an electronic circuit, or brightness changing with distance in an image. A system is any method that produces an output signal in response to a signal that was used as an input. Consecutive systems input and output continuous signals, such as the ones found in analog electronics. Private systems input and output discrete sig.

  • 4 Dec, 2019

    SAP HANA Course And Certification

    What is SAP HANA? SAP HANA which is the acronym for SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance is a software application that makes use of an in-memory database technology which allows for the processing of massive amounts of real-time data in a short amount of time. The in-memory computing engine of SAP systems allows HANA to process the data that is stored in the system RAM as opposed to just reading it from a disk. This allows the application to provide an instantaneous results from customers .

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